In Skyrim we play a Dragon Blood Aka a Dragonborn. Of which are generally quite many in the Elder Scrolls Lore, which are also mentioned again and again, but in the cult-RPG actually only two: us and mirrak. At least that is likely to remember most fans, but that’s not true. If you did not know it, you know it now: You can meet a third Dragonborn in Skyrim and even talk to him. Although there are no particularly outstanding new insights on natural light or so, but it is noteworthy that is still.

Third Dragon Blood in Skyrim next to us and mirrak

If your Skyrim has not yet played: does it. An important part of the story is that we play a so-called dragon’s blood, only why our main character can be the boss fight at the end. Besides us, there is another Dragonborn in the game itself, which most fans are likely to know: Mirrak. But these are not the only two.

Third Dragon Blood: Against Ede des game we arrive at Sovngarde, a kind of Valhalla of the Elder Scrolls Lore. There we can meet the so-called hero of Sovngrade and just tell us nothing to me, nothing that he is also a dragon’s blood – and that was almost already.

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Discovery with Fadem Battle flavor: That it actually represents such a big deal in Skyrim, to be a dragon blood, the fact that we get it to do with another Dragonborn, strangely attractively treated and almost in advance Frosted. It just does not have a greater meaning and disappoints many fans. Also, the name acts reasonably generic.

is the new? actually not. If you are among the few people who actually end up in Skyrim sometime the main story (and not only any mischief in the Open World driven), then you could know that for a long time. Only that probably the fewest and the hero of Sovngarde does not really matter.

The whole area Sovngarde feels pretty unfinished according to many fans. But who knows, maybe the Dragon Blood Hero of Sovngarde yes in Elder Scrolls 6 plays a bigger role… until that seems, but it still takes a little eternity. Bethesda initially works at Starfield and Tes 6 at some point at that.

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You still remembered that there is this third Dragonborn in the game? Have you ever come so far?