The Super Bowl tosses its shadows ahead!
The duel in between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs increases from NFL fans worldwide in the night of February 12 to 13 (0:30 a.m. CET) in Glendale.
clarifies which NFL duels and superstars will be especially popular with the mega spectacle in Arizona.
## the quarterback duel
The two quarterbacks need to of course be mentioned in front.
As soon as again took an NFL season with over 5,000 lawns and was responsible for 45 touchdowns in the routine season as a Passer and Runner, Patrick Mahomes.
The 27-year-old was rewarded for the 2nd time with the title of the MVP.
In addition to Mahomes, who ought to be in top shape after ankle problems in the last two games, just two more players got a voice in the election to the MVP.
One of the two was Galen Injures, his sign of the Eagles Quarterback.
The playmaker was also fretted about injuries and stopped working the recent lies of the routine season, but likewise used the Bye Week in the playoffs for the final recovery.
Until his injury, however, Harms showed terrific performance and was especially worried about the opposing defenses through his quality as Runner.
With 13 rushing goals, he is in a shared second location behind Chargers Running-Back Austin Keller (17) in this category.
The 3701 lawns through the air and 22 Passing touchdowns show that the always athletic hurts has actually now likewise developed itself as a guest.


Naturally, this makes him much more difficult for the lines of defense.
## the Kelce-Bowl.
In addition to the two quarterbacks, two players will likewise be of massive value who received practically more attention before the Super Bowl than Harms and Mahomes.
The two brothers Jason Hence and Travis Hence are the very first brother or sister couple who faces each other in an extreme bowl.
The NFL last was jokingly relabelled the Kelce-Bowl.
The mother of the two superstars was welcomed to the Media Days.
Donna Hence surprised her 2 young boys on the phase in the family jersey stitched and, much like in childhood, had a few homemade cookies for her boys.
But in addition to the fantastic history, the 2 NFL stars likewise have a huge importance for the game.
Jason Hence, Center of the Eagles, is the heart of the offensive line of Philadelphia.
This did an perfect task in the season, be it in the Run Game, in the Pass Security or the Signature Play of the Eagles, the quarterback sneak.
With over 30 efforts, the Eagles had a success rate of over 90 percent.
It is clear that the O-Line only works as a total construct, but Hence as a knowledgeable captain and center naturally has an essential function.
Travis Hence plays a much more essential role in the chiefs.
While the Tight End in the middle of the field often has a Mismatch in his favor versus the Line backers, it is particularly important in the Redone.
Within the last 20 lawns, Travis Hence gets the many targets in his team.
29 times the chiefs tried to stage their superstar through the air during the routine season.
17 balls showed up, 10 times with a goal as a result.
## battles on the line of scrimmage.
Jason Hence and his offensive line will have to have an eye on Chris Jones.
The protective Tackle ended the routine season with 15.5 sacks (4th place in the NFL) and showed itself extremely shape in the National championship against the Bengals.
Jones Cincinnati-Quarterback brought Joe Burrow to the ground two times.
For Jones, like for lots of players of the Chiefs, it is the 3rd extremely bowl in the past four years.
Nevertheless, the remarkable professional athlete in the two previous looks on the huge stage could not yet see a sack.
It would be even more essential for him and the chiefs if he could break this curse.
Speaking of sacks: The Philadelphia Eagles had huge of these in this NFL season.

Just by 2 sacks Philadelphia (70) missed the all-time record of the Chicago Bears (72).
With Jargon Hargrove, Josh Sweat, Brandon Graham (all eleven each) and Hanson Red dick with 16 sacks, Philly had four gamers with a double-digit variety of sacks.
Red dick even led the league with five forced fumbles.
Stopping this defensive line will be a mammoth job for the chiefs’ o-line.
Marcel Schmidt.