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All the look of legends in Apex Legends Gaiden Event

The Gaiden event finally appeared in the APEX Legends, and it brought several unique skins for legends and weapons to the game. This event presents legendary and epic skins for eight legends, and fans cannot wait to get these thematic cosmetic objects into their own hands. Players can purchase sets of thematic events Gaiden by spending APEX coins. In the same way, you can also use craft materials to unlock this cosmetics.

Each look of legends in Apex Legends Gaiden Event

Players will be able to unlock four legendary and four epic skins for legends during the Gaiden event. Visit the thematic events tab to see all available cosmetic objects. The legendary and also epic skins can be purchased separately by spending Apex coins or unlock with Materials for craft . Here are all the skins of legends in Apex Legends Gaiden Event:

sea legs-legendary skin octane

Buying for 1800 coins APEX or unlock using 2400 materials for craft *

Revelations-The legendary skin of Reynant

Buying for 1800 coins APEX or unlock using 2400 materials for craft *

Lightning Spirit-The legendary skin of Watson


Buying for 1800 coins APEX or unlock using 2400 materials for craft *

the marked person-the legendary skin of a mirage

Buying for 1800 coins APEX or unlock using 2400 materials for craft *

Life Blood-Epic B.

Buying for 1000 APEX coins or unlock using 800 craft materials *

heart traffic jam-

Buying for 1000 APEX coins or unlock using 800 craft materials *

Strength and Power-Crypto

Buying for 1000 APEX coins or unlock using 800 craft materials *

Soldier of Justice-Epic Bangalore skin

Buying for 1000 APEX coins or unlock using 800 craft materials *

In addition to thematic skins, players will also be able to unlock the prestigious Bangalore skin of APEX Commander during Gaiden Event. To quickly get this mythical skin, you will need to get all 40 thematic cosmetic objects from the thematic sets of Gaiden events. Each set costs about 400 APEX coins, and you can also purchase 10 sets for 4000 APEX coins at once. Players are guaranteed to receive at least one cosmetic item Gaiden Thematic Event from each set.

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Steam record broken: After all, an EA

The house blessing is likely to hang out at EA at the moment: the guarantee of success Battlefield weakens and the name debacle around FIFA also causes unrest. But at least one shooter currently shines enormously. Apex Legends now earns a big record on Steam.

Apex Legends: Steam player numbers are at one zenith

Stamping in 2019, the Battle Royale shooter from EA is simply splendid over three years later.

EA Play Não Funciona Direito na Steam. Veja o Que Está Acontecendo
Because with that on 10. 13th Season started in May. Apex Legends can exceed again. The shooter cracks his own player record on Steam. For the launch, 412,556 players at the same time to mouse and keyboard and fought for their survival in the arenas.

The new season is well received

The new Saviors season seems to be well received by the players. With the start, a fresh legend – Newcastle – and changes to the ranking system and storm point on the map have also found the game.

The technical performance for the launch of the 13th Season has also played Apex well for the player record. Because in contrast to the past and the start of the 12th Season, the shooter fans met stable servers this time.

Most recently, Apex Legends broke his own Steam record in February. At that time was roaming about 393,000 players through the arenas (source: Steamdb).

The current record is really impressive, but does not reflect the entire player of the shooter. Because this is only the end of the game on a platform.

If you add the players on the consoles and EAS own platform origin , the actual number should be much higher.

And APEX is also financially about: EA has indicated in a current report, since the release of has generated two billion US dollars with the shooter. In the future, the company would like to implement about one billion a year. The growing number of players will definitely support this ambitious goal (source: EA).

_Apex Legends is more popular on Steam than ever. In the following games, the popularity scale should be at the bottom: _

Apex Legends: Filter details of the version for PS5, as the size it occupies on the hard drive

Apex Legends is one of the phenomena that has been dragging a large mass and an excellent community of players; Also because from Respawn Entertainment you are worrying that it grows with new options. And that is why they will expand the game to the new generation consoles.


Battle Royale is already compatible with Xbox Series and PS5, but there is a native version on the way. And we have known more details of the version for the PlayStation console. According to the web PlayStation Game Size, the game will have a size of 80 GB on the hard drive , which guarantees that many technical improvements have been added to have that weight. And they are already awakening the HYPE among the fans.

What we can not still have to tell you what will bring the PS5 version of Apex Legends , since even if the study has made official this Port; But the announcement will be imminent because the source is usually ahead thanks to the database of this type of launches ahead of time.

It is expected that, in addition to having access to all the content available during these years, Apex benefits from Visual Improvements, 4K resolution and a greater Frame rate , so that the performance in the multiplayer battles of one of the highest titles Player is better.

APEX LEGENDS arrives on Steam with season 7

Apex Legends PC fans used Origin to start their favorite royal battle, but everything changes with the output of season 7: ascent. As of November 4, the release date of Season 7, Apex Legends on PC fans will be able to download the game via Steam. In case the best platform would not be enough, ResPawn Entertainment offers three free weapons charms to people who give a chance to the Steam version of Apex Legends. Apex Legends is available to play for free now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with a Nintendo Switch port expected in the near future.

Apex Legends has recently been updated to support the crossed game and the Steam version of the game will continue to allow PC players to play the Royal Battle with friends on consoles and vice versa. Steam apparently will apparently offer cross progression for PC fans who played via Origin, allowing them to easily switch between the two clients. EA has not yet talked about apex season 7, but a new trailer for the next Apex Legends season is expected today.

In order to receive the three charms of free weapons that Respawn Entertainment offers with the release of Apex Legends on Steam, the players will have to connect via Steam at any time during Season 7. Parallel to Steam Support with Apex Season 7 Legends joins a game champion editing that brings a new skin to each of the characters currently playable. A new character joins the fight with season 7, but Respawn Entertainment did not reveal much on Horizon or the new card known as Olympus.

Will you play Apex Legends Season 7 via Steam or Origin? Let us know in the comments below!

Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Gameplay Trailer
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