Although Hogwarts Legacy develops a century before Harry Potter’s events, there are some family names that appear during your stay at the School of Magi.

The director has a particular surname that can get his attention, so we analyze who Phineas Nigel Black is in Hogwarts Legacy.

Who is the director at Hogwarts Legacy?

The name is not a mere coincidence, since Phineas belongs to the world-renowned Black Magic family.
Phineas, a devotee magician with pure blood, is a Slytherin student who assumes the role of director in the nineteenth century.
According to Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, this was a role for which it was not prepared, since it would become known as the least popular director of Hogwarts.
Despite his position, Phineas is a petty and self-centered man, as narrow of sarcastic.
It would only make a few short appearances in the movies, represented in the family tree of House of Black and as a portrait, although in these same papers, it was much more frequent in books.
In Hogwarts Legacy, Phineas Nigel Black is played by Simon Egg, who describes him as someone who assumed the role of director due to work, suggesting that he was simply chasing prestige.

Does Phineas Black are related to Sirius Black?

The Potter heads scholarly, of course, will know that Phineas Black is Sirius’s great-grandfather.


As you can anticipate, the Phineas portrait form had no particularly friendly words for its descendant, describing it as useless.
However, it is worth mentioning that Phineas was bothered when he learned of Sirius’s eventual disappearance, which suggests that even under his moody and painted exterior, he had at least one degree of sentimentality towards his exiled relative.
Now that you are reviewed who Phineas Black is in Hogwarts Legacy, it is possible that he is interested in knowing other families of legends, such as who is Professor Weasley.
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