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The internal code of Destruction AllStars points to it will become Free-to

The publication of the Patch 3.0.1 of Destruction AllStars has brought an error in the challenges of the home screen that aimed at the title can be converted sooner than late in a free-to-play.

After a period of inactivity for the implementation of this update, users realized that, by mistake, in the missions that appear in the main menu, the real name could not be read, but the one that corresponds to the internal code of the game. The user of Reddit Mr_weewoo has published a Post with the capture that you can see under these lines, where you can see how some of these challenges contain the prefix “F2P” (generally used to refer to free-to-play), in cases like «BS_F2P_CHALLENGE_SLAM_FWD» or «BS_F2P_CHALLENGE_PERFORM_A_GOLD_SKILL».

SHYFT STORY MODE ???? Actions Speak Louder | Destruction AllStars Season 1 - Challenge Series

The study indicated that this update would present “a quite important amount of changes”, as some adjustments in the balance of the title that “will change the way they all play.”

It should be remembered that Destruction Allstars was presented as one of Sony’s first exclusive for PlayStation 5, from Lucid Games’ hand (previously in charge of the new Twisted Metal). Although initially planned to depart at a price of € 79.99 (the same figure wants to settle as standard in the AAA FIRST Party of PS5), a decision that reconsidered and then launch it as one of February PlayStation Plus Games last year. Of course, for those who want to have it on property was published in the Store for a price of € 19.99 in its base version.

However, it seems clear that it was not too well, since three months after the launch they had to use bots to fill the items in hours with little activity.

FIFA 22 dce fut Solution Alphonso Davies

Discover the solution for the DCE Alphonso Davies, a team of team creation to be done on FIFA 22. This DECK is intended to save you the Player Card of November within the Bundesliga by supplementing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Thursday, December 16 at 4 pm and lasts a month, ending on Thursday, January 13 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get the player’s player of the Bundesliga month of Alphonso Davies.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Alphonso Davies is a challenge with four teams and whose goal is to celebrate an excellent player on his fashion championship was FIFA 22. In view of the prize of the DCE but especially the card, we recommend this DCE. Davies is one of the best DG of the game in his gold and this boost, especially in defense and physics, will do the best for some time. Although his speed has only progressed one on this card, the Poem is interesting and not so expensive. The Bayern player will be able to be Link with Sure but also Gretzky Tot won Fut.

Recommendation: Yes
Probable credit gain? No
Cost of the DCE: about 215K

Tactical Emulation Challenge, Criteria

Bayern players: minimum 1
Players of the week: minimum 1
Overall team rating: minimum 84
Collective: minimum 75
Reward: An Plectrum Player Pack
End of the challenge: Thursday 13 January at 19h

POTM Alphonso Davies SBC Completed - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22
Price: 39k

Bundesliga Challenge, Criteria

Bundesliga players: minimum 1
Overall team rating: minimum 85
Collective: Minimum 70
Reward: A Players Plectrum Prime
End of the challenge: Thursday 13 January at 19h
Price: 63K

Top Challenge Form, Criteria

Players of the week: minimum 1
Overall team rating: minimum 86
Collective: minimum 65
Reward: a small rare gold players pack
End of the challenge: Thursday 13 January at 19h
Price: 113K

Our example of a solution for the DCE Alphonso Davies was made with the Fut bin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

PS5 PS4 Playstation Challenge with bonuses and hardware

Sony has announced a new PlayStation Challenge, which bears the name conquering the throne. The aim of the challenge is to collect points together. These are awarded by specified activities. These include:

Play a game = 10 points
Play a game online with a friend = 15 points
Share features use = 5 points
Earn a bronze trophy = 5 points
Earn a silver trophy = 10 points
Earn a gold trophy = 20 points
Five trophies earn in a single game = 25 additional points

All players who sign up for the challenge can take exclusive avatar and theme bonuses as soon as they reach a destination together with the community. The premiums are sent directly to the PS4 / PS5 consoles of the players two days after completing the respective phase.

The challenge is divided into three phases. These include:


Phase 1: reaches a total of 25 million points starting on 2 November 2021. So rewards there are two exclusive PSN avatars.
Phase 2: A total of 100 million points reaches as soon as the first phase is completed. The success is rewarded with five exclusive PSN avatars.
Phase 3: A total of 160 million points reaches as soon as phase 2 is completed. An exclusive dynamic PS4 design and three exclusive PSN avatars are available as a reward.

Win a PS5

Also participants can participate in a raffle. A PlayStation 5 console, the Playstation Molds ring set of the king are looking for a package with a 3D pulse wireless headset. In order to win, you would have to answer a number of questions in the course of the event, which are posted between November 17, 2021 at 19:00 CET and November 19, 2021 at 08:59 Mez on this page.

More about PlayStation:

Own Publishing label Founded for PC ports
Workforce grew by 20 percent – further investments promised

More about the Challenge you will learn on the official PlayStation Blog. If you want to participate in conquering the throne, you have to register on this page. It should be noted that you can only dust the rewards for the phases where you have participated.

Further messages on PlayStation.

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