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Government, Digital Healthcare Finance, Communication, Miles Convergion … Large-scale demonstration, remote medical promotion

The government decided to make innovative health care services, adding other industrial information such as financial and communication in digital health care. Large-scale empiries and remote health are also promoted.

The government announced a digital healthcare service industry fostering strategy at the “Three 19th Innovation Growth Promotion Conference” held in the Government Seoul Office on the 24th.

We decided to fuse other industrial information such as financial, communication, and migration data to provide innovative services to the people. We also develop group customized health care services with multiple people. When the private sector develops, it will quickly show off the market.

We promote large-scale demonstration business. Approximately 10,000 people support large-scale demonstration by service. The government has focused on product development, and it was reported that it only supported a small scale of the product test. It pointed out that there was a limit to demonstrating the possibility and cost effects to use as an industry.

Pierce the enterprise’s version. Connect on-line and offline and activate online exhibits and build an international authentication support center.

Supports data-based fusion-composite healthcare equipment development. Development of digital therapeutic devices as one of the third generation therapeutic technologies development methodology, test assessment technology, and maximize development efficiency by making development of test assessment technologies.

CT · X-ray · MRI, etc., an artificial intelligence (AI) based image analysis solution is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) based image analysis solution.

Developed an open mobile pathogen that can be opened in 1 hour, and implements a service that can be remotely cooperated in the mountain area by combining information and communication technology (ICT). Developed as a manufacturing and service fusion type and export is also promoted.

The government defines digital health care and define digital health care and comprehensive plans. We decided to provide a non-underwater medical treatment for medical and civil society. Non-medical acts are also clear, such as rapidly disclosing the results of the voting analysis. When the Industrial Digital Conversion Promotion Act is enforced in July, the information is established, protected, and distributed. The government has decided to advertise the regulations for utilizing health care information. When you meet the certain conditions, the Digital Healthcare device will review the way the digital health insurance is listed in health insurance without the evaluation of the technology.

The degree process for human resources is also expanded. IT and Healthcare Knowledge, and the Ph.D. The Industrial Normal Resources Department analyzes the Digital Healthcare field in the human resource development council (SC), which is operated by the Digital Healthcare.

Digital assets China s front prohibition vs US positive Our choice

The block chain, digital asset industry is the form of a global single industry. 외 외 외 외 외 외 외 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 것 있다 있다 있다 있다 있다 있다 있다

It is difficult to work in Korea with high regulatory uncertainty, and has a lot of companies to start from the beginning to overseas. It is an ironic situation that is a Korean company, but it is an ironic situation that does not release services in Korea. (Kim, Gi-Tae Hashied Partner)

Judinnet Korea was held on the 8th Seoul COEX, the Korea 4 Chosang University Revolution Festival & Block, Seoul , on the 3-day event on the 3-day events , the road to the Road Chains, and Digital Assets.

The discussion of Sogang University Department of Computer Engineering and Professor, the discussion, was a native coin plug representative, Hwang Hae-tae, Danny Pin Tech Representative, a technical chain partners representative, and a domestic block chain, such as Kim Gyung Tae has been participating as a panel.

In the discussion, the discussions have a deep story of the district of the digital asset industry, which is a block chain, the digital asset industry that is trying to see in the field and the opportunity to catch this opportunity.

Panels said, About the block chain, digital asset business environment, the prohibition of digital assets in China, has given the effect of global uncertainty, and the NASDAQ listed in the US Digital Asset Exchange Coin Base has won the popularization of digital assets. . In terms of digital asset-based services, Defi · Defi) service is a completely new financial system, and the combination of the world and the virtual world is promoted to the popularity of the alternative and integrated (NFT). did.

To catch this opportunity, the government has to raise the understanding of blocks and digital assets, and to eliminate regulatory uncertainties to help companies be dedicated to business.

The discussions of experts who have been discussed as they are as professional as possible.

Global block chain, digital asset industry, China s uncertainty is kicked

Professor of Slow River for Applause

Since the block chain technology has been known to the public and the industry has been formed, it has been in 2017, and it has already been four years. The industry has continued to develop for the last hour … recently, it has been meaningful in the industry in the industry. I would like to introduce one thing to one thing.

Representative of aerophora coin plug

In the first half of Tesla s bit coin payment support, Canada s ETF approval, Corinbase Nasdaq, and I wanted to be a lot of events, but I want to do a banner of China s cryptographic, mining and transaction. I want to be a virtual monetary prohibited regulation.

G2, the United States and China are establishing many consequences related to the currency sovereignty while confronting each other. China s cryptographic front prohibition is that in the US government, the uncertainty of China is disappearing in this field. The US regulatory authority is engaged in the point of view of the block chain, virtual assets.

The Gary Gen SEC Chairman said that the Bit Coin ETF approval is likely to approve the possibility, and the Chairman of the Jerome Powell Federal Reserve is not at all that the US government prohibits virtualization. Then the atmosphere has improved.

Personally, in October, SEC is likely to approve Bit Coin futures based ETF. It became the foundation for the deregulation of the US regulatory authority to be created by the Digital Asset Financial product. Personal and agencies seem to be able to make the base that can participate in digital assets properly. As a result, the Chinese government seems to have a good opportunity to regulate virtual assets.

Hwang Hae-Taek Dadin Pin Tech Representative

The Nasdaq of the coin Base seems to be the biggest issue. Mainly if the exchange was listed on the securities market. If people investing in coins were previously a minority, now the mainstream The people in which people are interested in blocks, digital assets.

Recently, a block chain-based service subscriber is explosively increasing. In the long term, it seems that there is a lot of listing of blocks based on block chain for many years. I think the market will get bigger while the companies are doing well.


Defies began with primary financial services such as deposits and loans. This year, there was a more financial engineering development. I think that there will be a completely different financial system on the future. I think it is a very important trend this year that the service proves this.

In addition, there were many uncomfortable points to use a block chain like a gas ratio (block chain), and the fact that Layer 2 solutions have developed a lot. In particular, the Death Centralization Exchange DYDX is a greatly enhanced Layer 2, which has been realized in the meantime, including the Layer 2 solution of the Stackware, and the scalability, which has been a greatly enhanced scalability. I think it is a very important trend .

Kim, Gyung-Tae Hashde Partner

There was a lot of things, but it seems to be the most important one. The first is the dramatic growth of the centralized financial and depression exchange exchange. Recently, when the Chinese government prohibited the encryption, DYDX is the Death Centralization Exchange The daily trading volume has exceeded W2tr. It is the case of the US maximum exchange coinbase. It was a case that the depression that the depreciation of the centralized exchange could avoid the censorship of the centralized government.

The second is NFT. In the early earlier this year, artists have issued NFTs and began to issue NFTs in the virtual world, and are found to be afraid of issuing the NFT as an art work, and are attracting attention to NFT .

The NFT, which is issued on the Etherium, was issued as a limited total NFT. The cheapest Krypto Punk is about 500 million won based on the price. People do not seem to simply buy NFT as a speculative asset. By owning a NFT called Crypto Punk, it seems to be a value that I am in a community that is a closed community. It seems to be a great charm that becomes a member of the community.

When NFT evolves, when the Philippines is soared up to 17% of the unemployment rate, it was a new learning and writing a new game concept called Play to Earn through a block chain. The interesting thing is that it is the first time to play in Exinfiniti, which is the first time that it is a scholarship as a scholarship as a scholarship, and the project is increasing. These projects will increase in the future, and the fact that the real world will will be more like the virtual world.

How to Become a Block Condition / Digital Asset Power Country?

Professor of Slow River for Applause

It seems that there was a lot of new changes this year. The world is changing, and the government is still not as soon as the government gaze is not as a. Why do we have to foster the block chain based digital assets industry Please ask if you need to improve.

Kim, Gyung-Tae Hashde Partner

In fact, I was forbidden in Korea in fact, so many start-ups were charming because of the uncertain future. It is very popular that the block chain has no longer proceed and it is very much to go back to a regular startup. The current block chain company It s too few. There are various fields such as NFT, Diffie, payment, such as NFT, Diffie, and Payment, with a variety of fields, so that the number of companies can be considered in hand. The block chain should be more.

This is a world s largest flow. It is a big flow that allows you to use the block chain to create a Web 3 application and use the data to enable anyone to create a new application.

We have to do this on this flow, and we think that Korea is a Galapagos, as a Galapagos, and in Korea, which is only used in Korea, and if you create a Difi, NFT in Korea, you will not be able to get a global service of our country.

There are many companies that will enter into global because it is difficult to work in Korea s regulatory uncertainties. Despite being a Korean company, it is an ironic situation that can not release services in Korea.

To solve this problem, many efforts are needed. Once you have to understand the block chain and NFT well. The government s remarks that the government s deficiency is nurtured, but the government s remarks that the encryption is not fostering. Since the block chain does not have an unauthorized form in the form of a crypto, the block chain and cryptographic acceptance are naturally coupled. Once you have a good idea to understand the block chain and crypto, you should start.

I would like to do so too much to regulate. It is easy to see the possibility when it is a combination of block chain and meta buses when it is a combination of block chain and meta bus. I wish I wanted a lot of industry voices.

Certificate of Captains Partners

We should find a way to develop industries in reality in the present situation. I think I would like to listen to Korean projects that have been responsible for the largest exchange of the domestic market.

Now that you have to provide listing criteria in Korea Society, you will not be listed on the industry. Membership members should be 8.5 million, and they should not be able to turn around the startup of the capital, the overseas block chain. It is the most realistic alternative to allow Korean startups to grow into the capital, so they are listed on the domestic exchange.

Representative of Hwang Yong Taek Pako

The block chain · The cryptographic market believes that there are three markets such as publication, trade, and use. However, all regulations and legalities are now covering the part of the transaction. There is nothing to do. Some cryptims have no criteria to allow issuance. Then I am inevitable, but I am going to go to Singapore and Switzerland, and they are paying for it. Because it is not possible to use virtual assets, do.

There are five sectors excluded from venture designations, one of which is a business that is a block chain. I did not see what to do with a block chain. The rest of the remaining is the purpose of the purpose. They are seeing them and blocks.

Some circumstances can be regulated and something will be clear to support whether to support support. I d rather want to give a business line to a block chain, so I would like to give you a guideline.

Representative of aerophora coin plug

The industry is gathered by funds and people. Domestic situation is a situation that prevents funds into a block chain. The institutional investors are very hesitant to invest in a block chain. And the block chain can collect funds The method is ICO, and ICO has blocked it.

I do not know what to do with the money, but I hope that the number of people will increase, but the block chain industry is inevitable. Two problems must be solved in any format.

Blocks, digital assets are industries that have not been available. Because it is a new thing, you can not guarantee this industry properly if you try to match your existing regulations. I need some tweezers regulations now, but I think that the government s indifference is not necessary for the time being. The virtual asset has been exceeded $ 2 trillion. This great market is forming, and digital assets are the form of a global single industry. Returning this industry is to give up the future.

I was a block chain since 2013. It seems that it was time to fight government policies and environments, rather than to work for business. If you do not get the direction properly from now on, it is worrying about the fact that our country is blocked and virtual asset ecosystems.

Professor of Slow River for Applause

All of the prospects, the future, said the future, said William Gibson said, The future is not even equal to the Future, said William Gibson. I do not have this. But this is not that this is not. The flow is coming, and we do not want us to ignite. I want to have a future of the Republic of Korea.

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