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Cancelan Retromadrid 2022 due to an “accumulation of problems”

The Madrid Fair dedicated to retro videogames will not return this year. This hFair dedicated been announced by the organization in a statement published on the official website, in which they have alluded to different reFair dedicatedons why this edition will not materialize finally. In this way, Retromadrid 2022 is suspended and will have to wait until the next edition to be able to enjoy this fair dedicated to the clFair dedicatedsic videogame.

Official statement

“We wanted to announce from the organization that very much to our sorrow and for causes of force majeure we are forced to cancel this edition of Retromadrid 2022,” the statement begins. “In recent months several problems have been counted that, by accumulation, have affected both the human team that wFair dedicated behind the organization of the event and the economic viability of Retromatrid to be able to carry out the meeting.”

The official note also points to an important unforeseen, the “need to start again zero with our City Council this lFair dedicatedt week.” These conversations are “necessary to be able to have adequate means,” but considering that there were only two months left for the event celebration, time wFair dedicated thrown over.

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“All this hFair dedicated led us to have to make this decision,” with the aim of ensuring “because of the welfare of the people involved” , both in terms of health and Fair dedicated regards the workplace, that encompFair dedicatedses the organization, the exhibitors, the speakers, the activities, the technical means, the volunteering, etc. In addition, this must be addressed “the impossibility of being able to have the minimum media and financing to make Viable Retromatrid”.

Retromadrid regrets any problem that may have arisen and announces the refund of donations and contributions made to date. The truth is that after the crisis of the Coronavirus, the Edition of 2020 had to be canceled and that of 2021 wFair dedicated never celebrated. Hopefully 2023 is the year.

All about UFL new soccer game that wants to go to FIFA and EFOOTBALL F2P licenses and more

During the Opening Night Live of Gamescom, a new soccer game was presented. And the news is that it was not or FIFA or PES , now renamed as Efootball. There we met in society to UFL ( United Football League ), which is what is called the title that is being developed by the Belarusian Studio Strikerz Inc. We could see the first trailer in which, although they did not show much of Gameplay, We saw that they arrive strongly with an ‘hack’ to FIFA and its policy of future transactions. They are called as a _ Fair to Play _ , a fair game of playing, go.

In the presentation trailer we can not get many conclusions, beyond what it shows, promising that is being developed under Unreal Engine and that will come to all the great consoles . There is no date for this alternative, which seems to have some licenses. The video is starring by the West Ham United , which shows its shield and stadium.

The press release issued by its responsible leaves several details that will help determine what their philosophy and approach is. As Efootball, it will be a game free-to-play and will add new features regularly and updates without mandatory payments or annual rates. That its two competitors go to F2P can put against FIFA strings.

And following FIFA, we resume the mentioned stick before with the Fair to Play. The statement says the following: _ The game is designed to be a fair experience that involves a first skill approach and zero payment options to win _ . It is not necessary to read between lines to understand that it is a direct message to Ultimate Team. Then, it will be necessary if that promise moves to the virtual playground.

Its creators confer as football fans and want to move that to their proposal, using what they consider players want. Let’s reinvent football video games from scratch, offering players from all over the world a revolutionary experience , exciting and fair. We are football fans and passionate players; we have played football video games for years and we know exactly what That people want to see in a football simulator, says Eugene Nashilov , executive director of Strikez Inc.

But, What will you offer UFL? Your managers describe it as a revolutionized online football competition. And for what they reflect the statements of it, it seems that it will be focused on the purest simulation . The game will come with more than 5,000 licensed players Receive, of course, from the real world, which you can sign for your own personalized team.

At the moment, do not specify if that will be in a game style game, if the game will only have that approach or if there will also be licensed equipment and competitions to be able to play and take the highest to your favorite team. At the moment, This Agreement on Licenses has not been detailed, Beyond the aforementioned West Ham.

We will have to wait. At the moment, UFL promises a lot and wants to be different. It is soon to judge, since 90 minutes can be done very long. But, no doubt, as we said before, the competition is always good news. In MGG we will be attentive to all the novelties that are coming about this project.

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