Fora Horizon 5 Sixth Element Fe — This guide will show you how you can get SEATO Element or Fora Edition in Fora Horizon 5.

How to get Lamborghini SEATO Element Fa in Fora Horizon 5

Fora Horizon 5 is finally available, and it is easily one of the best racing games to date. I ve already spent more than 50 hours in the game and I do not have plans to stop me soon.

I have been trying a lot for obtaining credits. Because there is a car in the game that I need desperately. And it is not another that the Lamborghini SEATO element forza Edition. Now, there is a great confusion in the community with respect to this car.

I saw many people from the community saying they bought the car, just to discover that it really has an average performance. This is where the confusion lies. You will see, there are two versions of Set Element in the game:

Sixth element 2011
Lamb SEATO Element Faith

Many people are buying SEATO Element 2011 in the store for 2,500,000 credits, thinking that it is forza edition. The truth is that the store is not the faith version. It is the Set Normal Element, which has a much lower performance than forza Edition.

The maximum speed of Lamborghini SEATO element 2011 is 219 mph. While, The maximum speed of Lamborghini SEATO Element Faith is 231 mph. That is a big difference, in my opinion. In addition, the handling of Set Element Faith is the best of the game. Just go ahead and look at the classification tables. You will find this car at the top everywhere.

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Now, the question is, how does the Lamb Set Element work?

How to get

You can not buy the Lamborghini SEATO Element Fa in Fora Horizon 5. There are five ways to get the Lamb Set Element Faith in Fora Horizon 5:


Auction house
season events
Festival playlist
Formation Store

Between these 5, the auction house is what you should point to. You have to be incredibly fortunate to get Wheel spin s car. And currently, there are no events or festivals, which are delivering the SEATO Elect Fe as a reward.

How to buy Set Element Faith in the Auction House

This is what you need:

First you must make sure you have about 6,000,000 credits. Currently, the lowest purchase price of the Set Element in the Auction House is around 5.9 million credits.
Press ESC and click on the Cars tab
Select Buy new and used cars
Click on auction house
Select Search auctions
Click on Do and select Lamborghini from the list
Establish the Model in Lamb SEATO Fe
Press Confirm
All available Set Element Auctions will be displayed on your screen

You can choose to make your offer or pay directly the price of total purchase
If you have enough credits, simply select any Active Auction
Select Buy

How to get the Lambo Sesto Elemento FE in Forza Horizon 5 - Unlock Rarest Car in the Game FAST!

Congratulations! Now you are the proud owner of Lamborghini SEATO element Fora Edition. Go and drive until you reach the end of the world.

That s all folks!