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Newcastle United is enjoying SK-Sturm

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The rumor also suits the picture. Newcastle is searching for a young, advancement capable, physically solid demonstrator all summertime. The baskets of Hugo Ekitens, Alexander Isak as well as Benjamin Sesko were captured.

On Tuesday, SK-Sturm assaulter Rasmus Höjlund hit Dynamo Kyiv in the Champions League qualification, on Wednesday the Dane will certainly be connected with Premier League club Newcastle United.

Rasmus Höjlund von Sturm Graz remains to make global headings. Although the Grazers bid farewell to the Champions League qualification on Tuesday and currently compete in the Europa Organization team phase, the 19-year-old showed a solid game and scored 1-0.

Countless scouts in the stands saw that. And also probably additionally Newcastle United employees. According tothe sports _, the Magpies observe the tornado assaulter, that scored 5 objectives in six video games in the present season.

LOL: Aurelius Esports maintains power in the Elements League

The date number nine of Elements League had great meetings in the sights, with a team of aurelius that seeks This day we could see how organizations have high expectations in the face of the playoffs that are close.

The first confrontation would be Red Rooster Team against Vandals Esports where the roosters showed the crest in the team fights raising a composition with which they dominated, with a lilia in the hands of Andathy that put enough damage to punish His rivals generating an advantage that would make RRT take the advantage managing to close the game at minute 23 in his favor.


During the second game Gravity Elite faced Aurelius eSports taking an ezreal for ball with which it would be possible They took the advantage, making the team of gravity fall and to be able to win an important triumph.

Closing the date in the Caribbean League we see Jannus eSports against Saprissa eSports seeing how xuradel takes a corki in the middle part of the map to harass the rivals, with well-placed missiles the central lane showed a superiority to obtain a Important scaling that in team fights would be very important by putting the game in favor of Sapriss who ended the game with a victory.

The day ends in the league of the elements with a game finished by default because fire had complications for which gaming bandits took the point, on the other hand Saprissa is positioned in second place of The table while Aurelius continues to maintain the upper part of the League, with very intense games things were moved in the table at expectations of the following meetings.

The best assembly of Valuji in Mario Strikers: Battle League

In Mario Strikers: Battle League there are ten characters to choose from. Each of them has its own skills and characteristics, so you will need to equip the correct equipment to identify the best of them. If you play the addition of Valuji to your team, you will need the best builds.

Valuji The strongest skills are speed, strength and technique , so you must create them. In addition, you can choose equipment to increase the weaker characteristics of Valuji and make it more balanced character. Here are our recommendations for the best assembly by Valuji in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

The best buildings of Valuji in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Best speed assembly of Valuji

This assembly is focused on making shawlugi faster . Increasing the speed of Valuji, he can be ahead of opponents with the ball, pursue them or first get to the ball when he is free. Here is the best equipment to increase the speed of Valuji.

Chapter *: turbo
Hands : turbo gloves
body : turbo pad
* legs : turbo boots


Best Power Assembly of Valuji

This assembly is focused on making a shaft stronger . Possessing more power, Valuji can transfer his weight, allowing him to easily cope with opponents and resist their captures. Here is the best equipment to increase the power of Valuji.

Chapter *: Muscle helmet
Hands : muscle mittens
body : muscle plate
* legs : muscular boots

Best Assembly of Valuzhi technology

This assembly is aimed at improving the skills of Valuzhi. technique. The technique allows you to more accurately bend the ball when throwing, it is better to lead the ball and improves Hyper Strike time. This assembly allows Valuji to be your main Hyper Striker. Here is the best equipment to give Valuji the best equipment.

Chapter *: Stuffing helmet
Hands : Stuffing gloves
body : notebook for tricks
* Legs : Shoes for tricks

Best Balanced Assembly of Valuji

While Valuji is excellent in speed, strength and technique, he suffers in other areas. The use of this assembly will make Valuji a more balanced nature and it is better to work in all aspects. Here is the best equipment to balance Valuji.

Chapter *: chain helmet/cannon-shot
Hands : cannon gloves
body : chain plate/cannon plate
* legs : chain boots

To obtain additional information about Mario Strikers: Battle League, read the section Best Rosaline Assembly in Mario Strikers: Battle League | The best equipment and statistics and the best Wario build in Mario Strikers: Battle League | The best equipment and statistics in the guidelines for professional games.

Riot Games, League of Legend: Di Orchestra MSI Busan held

Riot Games held the ‘League of Legend: Di Orchestra MSI Busan’ in the MSI 2022 (MID Season Invitational 2022) venue on May 25 and 26, on May 26th.

Riot Games held a ‘League of Legend Live: Diocestra, a’ League of Legders (hereinafter referred to as Log of Legs (hereinafter referred to as LOL) in Seoul Sejong Cultural Hall in 2021. The performance of the performance has gathered a large topic with the first performance that the Sejong Cultural Center planned the game on the theme, and has received a lot of love with LOL players and the public.

‘League of Legend: Diocestra MSI Busan’ is to deliver the impression of LOL’s first music festival again, as well as the moment of the LOL E sports, will be added to the Hot Open of MSI, adding a list of LOL E Sports.

In Part Part 1 of the Performing Performance, the 9th song, including the “League of Legend Live: Di Orchestra”, such as ‘Summoner’s Call’, You can listen.

Grand Final | 2021 Mid-Season Invitational
The following two parts are composed of a song that can not be subtracted in LOL E sports history. ▲ MSI official theme starts’ Glory in our hands’ (Bring Home the Glory), ▲ World Championship Main Theme Song ▲ Tight ‘5 tight’ symbol ‘Silver Scrapes (Silver Scrapes) ▲ World Championship Theme Lol e-sports such as songs 4 songs 10 songs were prepared.

LOL: Nisqys fatal error before a nunu who shows that the best also fail

In League of Legends there are several golden rules known to every1. They are not written anywhere, but you learn them while you play and you want experience. Among them, we can mention the fact of never pursuing a Singed in its toxic cloud, the prohibition of playing Teemo Top to preserve the soul of him or the obligation to buy a mercury fajín against a Malzahar. But Singed is not the only champion that avoids races…

Nisqy continues on the Fnatic bench and while he waits to formalize the next destination of him, he continues to entertain us during his streaming sessions. The Belgian mounted a show and once again gave us a great time to frame: the infinite persecution of him in a nunu faster than Usain Bolt. You probably guessed it, that must have gone wrong, otherwise, we would not have told you. In addition to having the point of view of nisqy , we also have an additional reaction of trayton , who was in the call with the Midlaner.

This Nunu Player Is Tilting Nisqy In EUW SoloQ!!

Nunu, between the Sprint and the Marathon

Judging only by the appearance of him, Nunu seems a bit clumsy. But in reality, the champion is very mobile. Whether it is with the passive of it that gives a movement speed bonus or with its famous snowball that he shoots, the character has a very good speed in spacious streets. But that is not the only trick under my sleeve. Nunu is a tank champion that can absorb a good amount of damage. When we add the ability to regenerate it, we obtain a fighter as hard as a marathon runner.

Nisqy and Trayton could measure Nunu’s power at your expense. They began to persecute it not far from the dragon (lower part of the map) before pursuing it up to the upper lane. And despite the attacks and numerous mass controls suffered (slowing Karma, the provoking of Shen, the trundle ice pillar…), the Yeti endured. Beat but not sunk, he managed to survive and frustrate the enemies of him, who ran after him for nothing.

Worse yet, a tunnel vision force, Nisqy and teammates were eliminated as bruises by Ilia, a little too angry for having invaded her area. It may be a little bad, but although this type of situation happens very often in our games, it is a relief to see that professionals are also in the sauce! We do not have the same ELO , but we have the same problems.

However, Nunu deserves a nerf?

Nisqy can say that he is “a shit champion” and he seems far from being op. With only one 4.2% popularity and, above all, 48.5% WinRate , the modest statistics of him speak for him. Although the game mode of it can be really frustrating (mobility, Ultimate hidden in a bush, ability to steal neutral objectives…), it is still quite limited. Whether yesterday, today or tomorrow, Nunu will remain a pretty average champion, which is often recommended for beginner jungles .

What distorts a bit The focus is that Nunu is a champion very valued by some OTP, especially in Europe. These OTP ( One-Trick Pony ) dominate the character perfectly and, sometimes, this domain is the problem. However, this is not enough to require a nerve and the great Yeti should be able to continue rhery with total security.

Foto: Riot Games

Baumgart is pleased and avoids a specific word

“There is a lot going to happen that it does not work with the league,” said Baumgart after the 1-0 in Leverkusen at Dazn and was pleased that the set target has reached so early. “We have March, it’s not even spring and we did the league with Cologne. That’s nice.”

A Thanksgiving Miracle - SNL

“We have seen a real fight from both teams. Both teams have accepted Derby. I’m looking forward to victory, but we know that it was tight. Leverkusen had his chances,” said Baumgart and distributed praise. So his players “situations often solved well”. There was also a special lobe for goalkeeper bodies who “held huge in several situations”.

A strong game also made Kingsley Schindler, who not only achieved his first Bundesliga Tor for Cologne in the BayArena, but also his first in the Bundesliga. That’s a horny feeling – and then in the game, three horny points, “the 28-year-old betrayed.

Europapokal as Cologne taboo

And how does it go on? First, the heavy home game against Borussia Dortmund stands. And the Effezh wants to land the next coup. “We still want to get as many points as possible and attack up,” says Salih Özcan and confidently turns out: “We can also beat good teams, which are very strong and come over a lot of pace.”

The fact that the EuropaPocalplaces are in sight, the Cologne know – the word Europapokal does not want to take any way in my mouth. “We want to remain humble, continue working and giving gas,” said Schindler, for example, while Baumgart supplemented that you want to win games. “It’s not about calling the goal,” said the 50-year-old and pointed out that in the Bundesliga other teams play stable. “We talk about Freiburg, about Union Berlin.”

Rocket League: There will be a winter major next March with audience present

RLCS Winter Major Tickets Go on Sale Friday… and I’m Concerned.
Rocket League is one of the most popular games on its gender, with a competitive scene that includes Majors and global. About the tall Tier, the Rocket League Championship Series made an announcement in relation to the winter major of 2022.

Through a statement on your site, Psyonix detailed the details of the great international tournament. The first thing is that he will have fans in the phases of qualifiers, something that ceased to be a current currency with the beginning of the pandemic of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Rocket League is one of those who are looking to return to the format with live audience.

The winter major will take place at the YouTube Theater of Inglewood, California. Although it will be the first time since the end of 2019 that there is a contest with audience, there may be changes if the situation requires it. The safety of players and fans is priority for Psyonix.

Now, let’s talk in detail of the tournament. It will start with a group phase of 16 clubs distributed in four groups of four. They will play a robin round format at the best of five, seeking to define the Top 12 that will advance to the qualifiers. Here the double elimination format with most matches at the best of seven is adopted. Only the first round of the loser key is BO5.

$ 300,000 USD and RLCs, important for the Rocket League World Championship will be distributed. The dates are:

  • 23 to 25 March: Group phase (without public)
  • 26 and 27 March: Eliminatory (with public)

Those interested in attending the qualifiers must Check that they are negative of the COVID-19 or have all their doses of vaccine.

About participants, only NRG ESPORTS is confirmed after achieving the necessary points on the North American table of RLCS 2021-22. Latin America has two insured quotas, with Krü Esports and Noble Esports looking for the classification.

FC Schalke 04 Teroddes Torrekord moves to Witz Elfer in the background

The 2016-2017 season of Collection FC is the 25th club period in Premier League. The club contends for the England Champion, the England Cup, the Cup of the English League and also the Champions League.

Simon Eroded FC Schalke 04 is the new sole scorer in the 2. Bundesliga. But its special Hits moved in at the end of turbulent 1: 1 (0: 0) at Welder Bremen into the background.

It was a long time in the air, now its finally happened: Simon Eroded has been immortalized in history books and is the sole after his headed goal in the 82nd minute against Welder Bremen scorer in the 2. Bundesliga. Overall, it was the 154th goal of the Schalke striker in the German lower house. He left former professional dieter schatzschneider behind.

But in the closing stages of the game a questionable penalty decision turned everything upside down. Referee Tobias Staider had to play in injury time with a duel between Henning Patrician and Roger As sale first. But the video referee intervened Staider saw the scene and finally gave the penalty to Nicolas Fuller (90 + 6) turned cold to the final score. Schalke and Welder remain after the Draw League neighbors.

Thus, Welder Bremen few hours after the resignation of coach Markus An fang has at least prevents further Bundesligaing setback. Despite the turmoil around the vaccination certificate affair of their former head coaches the team showed a courageous performance.

More: prosecutor confiscated initial vaccination card

Beginning had resigned in the morning along with his assistant coach Florian boy. The duo was responding to the current against them currently pro curatorial investigation for allegedly fake vaccination certificates. Both were previously with the resignation of an exemption. Instead, the former second assistant coach Daniel Djokovic supervised the Bremen team. Bundesligas Managing Director Frank Baumann announced to present a new coach in a timely manner.

Eroded in the 2. Bundesliga a success story

Late Drama in Bremen | SV Werder Bremen - FC Schalke 04 1-1 | All Goals | Matchday 14 – Bundesliga 2

Simon came Eroded total so far in ten seasons in the 2. Bundesliga are used and developed over time to an absolute Torgaranten. After he came to the first minutes at his youth club MTV Duisburg in the 2008/09 season, he found again only in a roundabout way back to his favorite league. It was followed almost entirely successful years.

His first goals in the second league, he scored for the 1. FC Union Berlin. Between 2011 and 2014 he came in 87 games on 23 hits. A rate that should make it then at each station in the shade. After his time in the capital returned Eroded, who was born in Bolt, back in the Ruhr and ran for VFL Bochum.

In the seasons 2014/15 and 2015/16 he became permanently to the dismay of defenders and scored in 66 matches 41 matches. In the second season he was crowned for the first time in his career to the top scorer in the second division.

breakthrough in the Bundesliga Eroded fail

He repeated this success in the following season for VfB Stuttgart (25 goals in 32 games). After the ascent to the Swabian but also became apparent that he did not feel comfortable in the Bundesliga.

After only two goals in the first round, he joined 1. FC Cologne. After a strong start (five goals in the first five games) his performance broke quickly even when Effie. After the descent, he presented again as treffsicherster players in the second league and scored 29 goals with the Cologne back to the Bundesliga. There he disappointed again after the climb.

Before the season 2020/21 he moved to Hamburg and had from that date at the latest to work perfectly in the second league reputation. 24 goals in 33 games spoke for themselves. After the surprising relegation of FC Schalke 04 he left Hamburg and moved back into the Ruhr. With his twelfth goal after only 14 games he cracked the record of treasure Schneider.

Champions League Who transfers FC Bayern to Benfica and BVB at Ajax on TV

The Champions League season 2021/2022 is running. With FC Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, the BVB and the VfL Wolfsburg are also four German representatives again in this season.

Where are the games of this quartet live in the royal class live on TV and stream? stream has compiled all information.

The transfer rights of the Champions League were awarded for the 2021/2022 season. Sky does not transfer the royal class this year, the streaming service Amazon is considered as an exclusive partner.

But important right holders is the streaming service Dazn , which has acquired a package with 121 live encounters and also shows the game tag conferences in the Champions League.

More: So fans can see the Champions League on TV

Where are the group games of Bayern, BVB and the other clubs on TV and in the Livestream? stream has all the games of the Champions League in the live ticker and gives clearance to the live broadcasts at a glance:

3 . Gameday

Group A

19.10.2021 | 18:45 pm | Club Brugge KV – Manchester City | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

19.10.2021 | 21:00 | Paris Saint-Germain – RB Leipzig | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

Group B

19.10.2021 | 21:00 | Atlético Madrid – Liverpool FC | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

19.10.2021 | 21:00 | FC Porto – AC Milan | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

Group C

19.10.2021 | 18:45 pm | Beşiktaş – streaming CP | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

19.10.2021 | 21:00 | AFC Ajax – Borussia Dortmund | Live in the stream at Amazon Prime Video

Group D

19.10.2021 | 21:00 | Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

19.10.2021 | 21:00 | Inter – FC Sheriff | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

Group E

20.10.2021 | 18:45 pm | FC Barcelona – Dinamo Kiev | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

20.10.2021 | 21:00 | SL Benfica – Bayern Munich | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

Group F

20.10.2021 | 21:00 | Manchester United – Atalanta | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

20.10.2021 | 21:00 | BSC Young Boys – Villarreal CF | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

Group G

20.10.2021 | 18:45 pm | RB Salzburg – VfL Wolfsburg | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

20.10.2021 | 21:00 | Lille OSC – Seville FC | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

Group H

20.10.2021 | 21:00 | Zenit St. Petersburg – Juventus | Live in the stream at Dazn (individually or in the conference)

20.10.2021 | 21:00 | Chelsea FC – Malmo FF | live (individually or in the conference) in the stream at DAZN

What is the cost of subscriptions?

DAZN has for the new season will increase the price. 14,99 EUR will cost the streaming service each month. To see the premier class at Amazon Prime Video , 7.99 euros to be paid per month.

LOL The play of a professional in the fight for the Worlds who left the Streamers speechless

Battle of the Worlds is a tv collection generated by Fox Networks Team and also StudioCanal-backed Urban Misconception Films. The collection is produced and also written by Howard Overman, and also directed by Gilles Coulier and Richard Clark. The collection is a loosened adjustment of The War of the Worlds, an 1898 book by H. G. Wells concerning Earth coming to terms following an unexpected Martian intrusion. It is the 3rd tv adjustment of the story. It stars Gabriel Byrne and Sissy Edgar-Jones along with a set supporting cast.
The initial period contains eight episodes, and also first premiered in France in October 2019. An eight-episode 2nd period premiered in France in May 2021. War of the Worlds was renewed for a third period in July 2021, which is readied to air in 2022.

The competition of League of Legends wins in intensity as the year progresses, and the end of the regional leagues marks one of the most anticipated moments of the calendar for professional game fans. With room only for the best players in each continent, the teams have to fight to win the continental title and get a place for the Worlds 2021. A moment where there is no choice but to give everything and that can be defined.

Heroicism without a prize that could be worth a place in Worlds

One of the players who has given good faith of this situation has been Danny . The Evil Geniuses shooter signed in the fourth game of the series before 100 Thieves corresponding to the playoffs of LCS one of the best performances of him. A decisive moment in which they could have lost the confrontation, but in which the figure of an American handle emerged with desire to certify the good performances of him throughout the season.

10 Most Iconic Moments in League of Legends Esports History

Undefeated with Tristana and accumulating a KDA of 12 in the second half of the year, he was able to solve the ballot for his team achieving an unofficial pentakill ** who served to solve the map and who has received praises from all over the surroundings of the competitive League of Legends. The reactions did not wait and, thanks to the fact that many streamers were retransmitting the game simultaneously, it has left some reactions worthy of mention.

Personalities such as DoubleLift , ls , iwilldominate or yassuo letting you see your amazement with respect to the play achieved by the shooter. Some with more effusiveness and others noting that 100 Thieves could have done better, but in all cases recognizing that Danny had not taken a single mistake. All he did, from the decision of him to go to the offensive when he was locked up to the healing he looks for with the subjects, is a master class of how to play League of Legends.

Unfortunately, Evil Geniuses won that map but yielded the Fifth game of the series and will have to continue fighting if he wants to reach the next Worlds. Despite everything, I’m still alive in the chart of losers and played it before Team Solomid for continuing in the fight.

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