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The Arcanist of Lost Ark deployed in the West on July 20, the Aeromancer is a hit in Korea

As noted, the Arcanist will be the following course expertise to be released on the Western servers of Lost Ark . We understood the course arranged for July, Amazon Games currently specifies that it will lastly be readily available from July 20th. For the celebration, the driver devotes a lengthy blog post to this 3rd mage specialization, and details the video game auto mechanics– as we understand, the Arcanist makes use of playing cards, often to bring upon damage on his targets (using his normal skills), sometimes to increase the impacts tenfold with his advancing and mess up skills, to which are added random card attracts in a deck to enliven the clashes.

Alongside the Western variation of the MMORPG, the South Korean variation of Lost Ark has a few months head begin as well as it’s the Aeromancer that was turned out to regional servers on July sixth (likewise with development occasions), as part of an initial summer update. As well as clearly the South Korean players are responding: in a news release, the developer SmileGate RPG introduces an increase in the number of simultaneous connections of 122% as well as 118% in the number of active gamers over a month; again according to the studio, the number of new gamers has actually enhanced by 424% which of players returning after leaving the video game has actually reached 392%.
Customarily, SmileGate does not supply any type of raw numbers (in favor of even more conveniently complementary portions of progression), but it should be noted that Lost Ark clearly still manages to attract South Korean players– this week, the MMORPG still ranks 2nd in the ranking of one of the most preferred titles in cybercafés, second just to League of Legends .

Following the release of the new class, Amazon Games is also introducing two progression events that will certainly increase the progression of a (brand-new) character-what much less waiting to develop a Warlock (or an additional class specialization) as well as stay clear of a brand-new progression of levels a bit laborious.



Lost Ark Aeromancer Preview

How to Get All Collectible Items Anikka Cooking in Lost Ark

You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all the culinary collectibles for the continent of Anikka. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

where to find all culinary collectibles in Ainike in Lost Ark

Below you will find all the cooking items of collectibles in Foliance Aquantyurist of Anikki. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

Cookies good luck

Go to Southwest angle port city of Chankhong Square, right under the clinic . When you go there, go Food Trader Chunlin . You will find it in the corner near the tables and the kitchen area. Open her store, talking to it, and go to the “Ingredients” tab to find a cookie chest with prediction. Buy from it from 30 to 60 chests with good luck cookies. They cost 60 silver each, but you need to buy them a lot, as they are very expensive.

Go to your inventory and right-click the trunks with good luck cookies to use them. If you want to use many of them at the same time, buy 100 and try them all at the same time. Due to the fact that the chances of failure are higher than success, the process can take a lot of time and a lot of silver. In case of success, you will get a happy prediction cookie, and in case of failure you will get unfortunate prediction cookies. You can use any of them to earn a state, but unsuccessful will not benefit your foliant adventurist.

Secret Tablet Family Chek

You can find a secret pickup family chock in the most western end Forest melody . It will be in Clan Clan Training Platform north of Bamboo Forest And west of Spring Ech . If you send your character closer to the roof, the roof will be hidden behind the house, so it will appear as an object of research.

During the trip here you will come across many enemies that will follow you. You lose time if you fight them one by one, so we recommend running here, and then fight with enemies. Since at the moment you are pretty isolated, complete this task of the adventure book, as soon as you get the secret pickup family chock.

Special Marinated Secret Dish in Yong Style

You can find Barrier Yong Dungeon in Rotan Hill on Continent Aikka. Immediately behind the Lotus Pavilion, noted below, there is a place marked in the center of the map. Fix bamboo trees, then find the roots of the bamboo. You will take the ingredient, sealed special sauce to take it with you. Cook Soban .

Cook Sobin is located in Chanhun Inn Located on the Western side G. Port city Changhun south of Gold Fish House . Cook Soban is located in the most western end of the hotel, where there are all the cooks. He will cook food for the welcome.

Talk to Sobyotic to open its store, and go in Folita Adventure Finder Find Special Marinated Secret Dish in Yong Style . Its manufacturing costs 900 silver, which makes it one of the cheapest collectibles in Anik. Go to your inventory and right-click on Special marinated secret dish in Yong style Use it. After that, your character will hurt the stomach, but you will get access to a foliant adventurerist.

dumplings with a secret manpo

Go to Southwest angle port city of Chankhong District and go to the food store. When you get there, find the seller of Congbo culinary ingredients. Inside there is a rack where you can find it.

Talk to Sobyotic to open its store and go in Ingredients Tab * Find * 100-year-old Multalonja . To buy this multicast, players will need 6000 silver. Next you will need to buy old dumplings, which costs 3000 silver. After buying an old dumplings, you will need to visit Sobina Cook.

Cook Sobin is located in Chanhun Inn Located on the Western side G. Port city Changhun south of Gold Fish House . Cook Soban is located in the most western end of the hotel, where there are all the cooks. He will cook food for the welcome.

Talk to Sobyotic to open its store and go in Folyander Flyer Adventure Find Pelmeni with a secrete manpo . Production of the subject costs 1400 silver. In rotten dumplings, mostly beetles, and in the description it is indicated that no one will be bought the second time.

Ragu from the rear hooves deer

Go to the south side of the Rotan Hill marked on the map above. This is on the eastern tip Wolf valley that north of the port city of Changhun Marker.

On the eastern side of the Wolf Valley there is a small path. Just go east of the heretic sanctuary next to the marked place on the map, and you will find it. You must conduct investigations with caution, as wolves can quickly appear and attack you when they see.

Cook Sobin is located in Chanhun Inn Located on the Western side G. Port city Changhun south of Gold Fish House . Cooks gather in the western part of the hotel, where Soban is located. Soban will prepare food for the welcome. Talk to Sobyotic to open his store and go in folitic adventure seeker Find Ragu from the rear hooves of deer . It seems that this is one of the most delicious items in the game, and its manufacture costs 1,400 silver.

perfect sugar sculpture

Go to the southwest corner port city of Chankhong Square and go to the food store. Look for the seller of the culinary ingredients of the Congbo. It will stand at the rack inside. Talk to him to open its store, and go to Ingredients tab Find Sugar Schausov . Buy from 20 to 30 pieces of sugar. They cost 30 silver each, but it is worth buying a lot at once.

Go to your inventory and right-click on Sugar pieces to use them. Sugar pieces cannot be used all right away, so you have to do it one by 1. Chances of getting the perfect sugar sculpture are high, and they are inexpensive, so try them. Even buying 100 will not lead to a lot of silver.

In the end, you will get an ideal sugar sculpture, but if you fail, you either get dubious sugar sculpture or broken sugar sculpture . Although you can use them all, only perfect sugar sculpture will bring you a subject of collecting in the book of an adventure crawler.

All Anikka Cooking Lost Ark

Superior Soup

You can find a legendary secret recipe on the very southeast edge of the Bleak Edge dungeon, which is the first right you can do when you start the dungeon. You need to go all the way to the edge, where the strange smoke rises, as shown on the map above. You will find several papers scattered around the edge of the cliff, which you need to learn.

You must attribute it to Cook Soban Create Superior Soup .

Cook Soban is located in Chanhun Inn which is located on the western side G. Port city of Chankhun south of Gold Fish House . All cooks in the western part of the tavern, including Sobina’s chefs. He stands for the welcome and prepares food. Talk to Sobyotic to open its store and go in Folita Adventure Finder Find Superior Soup . Its manufacturing costs 1,400 silver, which makes it one of the simplest collectibles in Ainike.

For more information on Lost Ark, check out All rewards for seeds Mococo in Lost Ark and Location of all world bosses in Lost Ark * in professional guides on the game. *

Lost Ark: New bug worried the followers – “Remain ready to come the sausages”

For the terrific issue, which the players already kept in the heart-bug, preserve themselves, at the very least in part. It is presently feasible for players to give a degree of their very own HTML codes in the conversation of Lost Ark.

What is that for a pest? Already recently we reported an interested insect that you can bring the whole chat to collapse with the input of “< 3”. But regrettably some players have figured out that behind it extra covert, as a not thoughtful, sweet gesture.

Still is unclear to what degree that in Lost Ark is the situation. However it appears like it’s presently restricted to smaller sized trouble and collapsing chat windows. But that this error can also have specifically violent consequences just recently showed an additional MMORPG from Amazon.com, namely New World.

A brand-new bug is presently giving his misappropriating unloaded ARK and is irritating for many players. Yet especially the fans that were already taking a trip in New World have a negative feeling, which is worried about the mistake.

ATTENTION – We do not explain how discuss exactly how can insect exploited exactly manipulated even if also know how it just how, functions ask it to explain it in the comments. This offers a much better gaming experience for all fans.

New World as well as the sausages

Why is it about the sausage? It was particularly prominent in New World to exploit this pest to make gigantic sausages show up on the display of the players. It was possible, all the pictures that were in the video game easy to expand as well as post in the chat.

There, for players, due to a really comparable insect, it was also possible to complete particular missions directly by getting in a code in chat as well as hence to ranch gold. Or likewise to create an object web link to a things that it does not exist. This then led that New World did completely crashed and heavy steam a fixing.

In Lost Ark we see a comparable advancement, just without the pictures. But currently it is possible to transform the font style and over all the font style size in the chat of Lost Ark and also the language bubble over your head can be controlled. This is often made use of to share certain memes that take place in the MMORPG.

While some fans are currently surprising why their conversation home window constantly crashes or greatly emerge big letters in the little home window, various other players currently have negative guilds.

“Great, now I can allow myself be welcomed by crawlers”

How does the community react? A lot of the gamer takes the entire point up until now and with humor. Most importantly, the followers that were already traveling in New World, see the situation less tranquil and are concerned what can come.

In enhancement, the players are worried regarding that Robots can soon discover the trick and thus can use their uncertain deals in huge size. In addition to these problems, the reddit is in a loosened state of mind and also adheres to completely the remark by Khalmoon: “I damaged me, just how can Amazon take place twice?”

Incidentally, Amazon himself seems to take the insect seriously, several players currently report in reddit, for making the most of this chat bug, be it also for enjoyable, be banned momentarily. This sets off a great state of mind in the neighborhood as well as offers the fans the sensation that Amazon.com maintains your demands in sight.

Much wit and also little understanding

What the fans state? A highlight of the discussion concerning the mistake is definitely the much more funny comments in a reddit thread in which the topic recently started. He currently has more than 550 remarks. We would certainly such as to cooperate a few of them:

  • On the remark of a customer who stated that it does not deal with shade, PrimitImemammal replies: “Yes, that functions terrific. I was only meant 24 hr after I attempted. “
  • Mofu __ Mofu creates: “New World Players are already trembling now” What one more customer responses: “Prepare you, the sausages come.” (Dental Braces Yourselfes, Sausages Are Coming).
  • Likewise Akaicewolf writes: “The tale of the sausages is not yet to end. It no more suches as to provide them in New World, however they will reside on. “.
  • Wolvesbaneyt think it’s also worse than in New World: “Hey, it’s also worse than there. We had just safe gigantic sausages, you allow whole chats collision. “.
  • HuehueleaGuepro takes it with humor and also claims, “My installings have just been officially enhanced!” (Lailai is an insider from the Punika region of Lost Ark. These words are very often heard there.).

What do you consider the pest?
Do you still discover the entire circumstance in the area of enjoyable or are you additionally fretted about that there is also this pest to cooperate Lost Ark?
Have you currently discovered in chat that this error is exploited?
Write us in the remarks right here at Meinmmo.
If you likewise require assistance in the MMORPG, we have all the ideas, tricks and also develops for Lost Ark plainly summed up for you.

Banned In Lost Ark For Taking
A new bug is currently presenting his misappropriating unloaded ARK as well as is irritating for many players. Currently just recently we reported a curious bug that you can bring the entire conversation to collapse with the input of “< 3”. It is currently possible for players to give a degree of their own HTML codes in the conversation of Lost Ark.

ATTENTION – We do not explain how discuss bug can insect exploited exactly and precisely and also know how understand exactly how, functions ask it to explain it discuss the comments. It was specifically preferred in New World to manipulate this pest to make huge sausages show up on the screen of the players. Much of the player takes the whole point so much and also with wit.

Lost Ark – The servers are saturated, and the creation of limited characters: all the information

The dazzling success of the deployment of the anticipated access of Lost Ark in both Europe and America is great. But as often happens in these cases due to livingout, multiple infrastructure problems have been created and the queues are endless in certain servers.

To prepare for the release of the Free to Play version scheduled for this Friday, February 11, Amazon Games has announced that it will completely prevent access to certain servers already saturated , whose full list we offer below, as well as the opening of new servers.

The following servers will not be able to welcome new players, you can only access them those who have already created a character in them:

The new players will have to choose other kingdoms to start their adventure in archeia. Amazon Games has not yet announced any free further transfer.

Lost Ark: Important Launch Information For Founder's Packs, and Server Populations!
To meet the needs of available places, multiple new kingdoms open their doors starting at 6:00 pm this Friday, February 11, 2022. They are the following:

Lost Ark: Which server should you play?

In recent days, we received some exciting information about publishing the new MMORPG’s Lost Ark. For example, in January update, we learned that we are already getting access to the popular T3 content. But also pre-download, release times, and the names of the available servers are now known.

In mmos, the server choice is often an important point for players. After all, nobody wants to land on a blank server, or fight on a full server with long waiting times. In Lost Ark, many things are not server, but region dependent, such as the auction house, but if you want to play different PVP modes or things like Chaos Dungeons with your friends, you have to play on the same server.

Which server is interesting for German-speaking players?

LOST ARK What can I do cross server? What server do I join? High pop vs Low Pop | Region vs Server
The European Servers of Lost Ark are not divided into different languages. For example, since there is no official German-speaking server, the community has simply decided to select a server itself.

This is the server ASTA . So if you want to make sure that some German-speaking players with you the world of Arkesia do unsafe, you should decide for this server. French and Spanish-speaking players have probably opted for the server Trixion.

If your great value puts on PVP , the server could be interesting for you. This should be the unofficial “PVP server”. So here you will surely find some players with whom you can equip a few Arena matches.

Of course you are not forced to choose one of these servers. Finally, such communities usually represent only a fraction of the in-house playership. So you will most likely find some players on each server who speak your preferred language and play your favorite content.

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