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Can you share an account at Xbox Game Pass? For now, but that could change soon


Xbox Game Pass is a real success of Microsoft. monthly or annual subscription. So much so that other companies in the video game industry have also created their own Game Pass type system. **

But while Microsoft seems to have the recipe for success, the company does not seem to fall asleep in the laurels, and will soon aim to launch a subscription of amigos and family, allowing the whole family to share the same account.

Family and friends, the future of Game Pass?

The information comes to us from aggiornamenti lumia, an Italian site that revealed the name of this sharing system, which has recently been tested in Ireland and Colombia. According to the online magazine, the friends and family subscription, similar to the family _plan of Nintendo Switch, would allow four people to access the Game Pass catalog!

For Nintendo’s family plan, players can (supposedly) share the subscription only between people from the same home. The _friends and family would allow its users to share it with whoever they want , at least if the information of the Italian newspaper is true.

Thus, players could play simultaneously with the same account, without waiting for another person to finish their session. According to this same source, Microsoft should offer this subscription at € 22 , a price that is currently offered in countries where it is tested. Mathematically, € 22 divided by four people is equivalent to € 5.50 per player , which is much less than an individual ultimate subscription, which is currently offered to € 12.99.

This information has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and, therefore, should be taken cautiously. Even so, previous reports confirm a possible test phase in Ireland and Colombia. In addition, offering such a subscription would be in line with Microsoft’s commercial strategy, which is constantly innovating and finding other ways to enhance its precious game pass.

Microsoft planned Windows 12 for 2024

Colleagues from PC World report that Microsoft plans to release a new version of Windows much faster than expected. We were told that Windows 12 may be released in 2024, which means that Windows 11 will last only 3 years.

Such large releases, in theory, should be accompanied by large-scale changes in the user interface, adding support for work with new types of iron, as well as support for new APIs. At the moment, Windows 12 is unknown at all, and this version of the operating system has not yet reached any public testing, and therefore we do not know what to expect from it.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft intends to return to the three-year changing cycle of the version of the operating system, but at the same time it will begin to release updates not twice a year, but four times in one year.

Games with Gold: Microsoft gives up a modification in the monthly totally free

Microsoft provides an update to the regular monthly free games at Xbox Live . In a circular email to the users, the team introduced that the line-ups will no more include Xbox 360 games from October 1st. We have reached the restriction of our opportunities to include Xbox 360 games to the brochure , writes Microsoft in the message. Nevertheless, Games With Gold should have amazing Xbox One titles as well as exclusive savings on a monthly basis.

modifications from October

Xbox 360 games that you downloaded before October 2022 will certainly not be influenced. You can maintain all Xbox 360 titles that you retrieve over Games with gold before this time, regardless of whether you proceed your membership, adds Microsoft. Most recently, Microsoft dispersed 2 Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 games to all members of Xbox Live Gold every month. Due to the down compatibility on Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X/S, the 360 games can additionally be easily played on the existing Xbox consoles.

Juli games at Games with gold

It is thought that the line-ups at Games With Gold are largely made up of Xbox One games from October. The business had currently introduced which totally free games you will obtain at Xbox Live Gold in July 2022. Relicta as well as Beasts of Maravilla Island are specifically available for Xbox One and also Xbox Series X/S in the current month.

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Relicta as well as Beasts of Maravilla Island are particularly offered for Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X/S in the current month.

Most lately, Microsoft distributed 2 Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 games to all participants of Xbox Live Gold every month. Due to the down compatibility on Xbox One and also Xbox Collection X/S, the 360 games can also be easily played on the current Xbox gaming consoles.

Sales Record: Xbox celebrates impressive milestone

The Xbox Series X | S is so far a considerable Next-Gen success for Microsoft. The company can now look forward to a new sales milestone and thus remains in the beat distance to the PS5.

Despite the continued console snack, Microsoft can look forward to a sales record. The new console generation of the Xbox Series X | S has sold according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer for just over a year more consoles than any other generation at the same time before. An industrial insider also shares a remarkable milestone on Twitter, which produces contact with PS5.

Sales milestone: Xbox remains PS5 on the heels

In a New York Times report Spencer that further stops the strong demand for the Xbox Series X | S and exceeds the available offer . Thus, the Xbox Series X | S was able to secure the title as the fastest Sell Xbox generation and over trump itself the original Xbox and Xbox 360. (Source: New York Times)

As if this would not be reason enough to celebrate, sector insider Daniel Ahmad also announced on Twitter that, according to his estimates at the current time, around 12 million console copies of Xbox Series X | S were sold . With this considerable number, Microsoft ranks behind Songs PS5, which had probably sold almost 13 million copies over the end of September 2021, but still clearly remains within reach.


2022 could be a big year for Microsoft

The shortage of semiconductor and thus the console slackness will not disappear from today on tomorrow 2022. Nevertheless, the hope is that it will be easier at least from the second half of the year to come to a Next-Gen console. In 2022, this is likely to be particularly worthwhile, because with numerous hooks triple-a-releases such as Elder Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights, Read fall, Stalker 2, Scorn and Star field it will be a huge selection of new games For the Xbox Series X | S give.

All important information about the Xbox Series X | S can be found in the video:

View Xbox Series S at Amazon

With the Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft has landed a rich success. The new console renal sold to this better than any other Xbox consoles previously and keeps the contact with the PS5 even with 12 million copies sold.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Best Price

This paresis provides the honors awarded at the Game Honors event that happens every end of the year. The video game/ programmer/ person victor is the initial of each checklist and is placed in vibrant.

Like most of our readers, we are currently at Saturn, Media Market, Otto and Co. in search of matching Christmas presents that we can buy for our gamer friends and ourselves. Today we came across Amazon to particularly favorable offers from the fields of video games, merchandise and accessories. Outstanding is clearly the Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is currently reduced for the Xbox Series X console at Amazon from the former 53 euros to 29.99 euros. For other retailers you pay at least 20 euros more. But also the motion-controlled fitness adventure ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch can be purchased at Amazon at a high attractive price. We show you all the highlights! Source: Microsoft

Why is the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X at Amazon so attractive?

The Microsoft Flight Simulator not only belongs to the graphically beautiful games for the Xbox Series X console (has someone called photorealism ?), But also to the best. At Metairie, the average rating of 34 reviews in Sage and write 90 percent. 20 extremely detailed planes and 30 airports offer fun for months. Incredible two million places with 1.5 billion buildings plus mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, and realistic traffic have integrated the developers in Microsoft into the Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X. And best of all: the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X is now available at Amazon for 29.99 euros. And who orders now, the game also guarantees before Christmas!

Buy: Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X at Amazon for 29.99 euros

Source: Nintendo

Why is Ring Fit Adventure for Switch The Perfect Christmas Gift?

There are a few products at Amazon, which — as Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch — have been evaluated over 33,000 times and have a score of 4.8 / 5. This could be due to the ring Fit Adventure on the switch simply is unique. Namely, it connects a full-fledged adventure game with fitness exercises. In the pack is not only the Nintendo game, but also the ring-con and a leg belt. This accessory inspired by fitness equipment recognizes the players’ movements and transfers them into play. The intensity of the exercises is individually determinable — for every age and for every fitness degree. Sorry, but here the advertiser blinds A fun for young and old just perfectly perfect, making ring fit adventure for the optimal Christmas present. All the better that you can buy at Amazon Ring Fit Adventure at the best price of 55.54 euros instead of 89.99 euros. Again, who orders now, who gets ring Fit Adventure in good time before Christmas.

Buy: Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch at Amazon for 55.54 euros

Video games, merchandise and accessories for Comprise at Amazon — the highlights at a glance:

Microsoft Flight Simulator, Game for Xbox Series X, buy at Amazon for 29.99 euros
Ring fit adventure, game for Nintendo Switch, buy at Amazon for 55.54 euros

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Before You Buy
Who will be a millionaire?, Game for Nintendo Switch, buy at Amazon for 21.99 euros
Hades, game for PS5, buy at Amazon for 17.99 euros
Cobra Kai, play for PS4, at Amazon for 22.99 Euro
Rocket Burst Pro, Optical Pro Gaming Mouse, buy at Amazon for 35 euros
Rocket volcano TKL Pro, Optical RGB Gaming keyboard, buy at Amazon for 119 euros
Master Chief Plush Figure by Maya Entertainment, buy at Amazon for 13.49 euros
Call of Duty War zone, Zipper Hoodie, buy at Amazon for 37.49 euros

Many best price offers from Amazon, Mediamarkt and Co. can be found in our editorially prepared Daily Deals. A sound purchase advice for technology products delivers our PUGH technology guide portal.

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Compulsion Games Project Midnight relies on dark setting and story

Compulsion Games | Game Studio Showcase
Compulsion Games is a computer game development workshop based in Montreal in Canada. The studio is established by Guillaume Provost, a Canadian that benefited Arcane Studios. The studio is redeemed by Xbox Game Studios in 2018.

According to the Happy Few and the takeover by Microsoft, Compulsion Games works on a new, previously unannounced game. As we had last reported, it is a third-person single player game, which is little known. Windows Central now has more details and describes the single player experience as a third-person action game with the Code name Midnight. First conceptual images you can see in the source, let it close on a dark and fantastic setting. They also show the protagonist as well as harpyia-like humanoids in different stages and something that looks like a nest in a huge tree. Project Midnight is intended to be a coming-of-age history inspired by the southern America, whose Southern Gothic feeling consists of magic and fantastic beasts.

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