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Steam record broken: After all, an EA

The house blessing is likely to hang out at EA at the moment: the guarantee of success Battlefield weakens and the name debacle around FIFA also causes unrest. But at least one shooter currently shines enormously. Apex Legends now earns a big record on Steam.

Apex Legends: Steam player numbers are at one zenith

Stamping in 2019, the Battle Royale shooter from EA is simply splendid over three years later.

EA Play Não Funciona Direito na Steam. Veja o Que Está Acontecendo
Because with that on 10. 13th Season started in May. Apex Legends can exceed again. The shooter cracks his own player record on Steam. For the launch, 412,556 players at the same time to mouse and keyboard and fought for their survival in the arenas.

The new season is well received

The new Saviors season seems to be well received by the players. With the start, a fresh legend – Newcastle – and changes to the ranking system and storm point on the map have also found the game.

The technical performance for the launch of the 13th Season has also played Apex well for the player record. Because in contrast to the past and the start of the 12th Season, the shooter fans met stable servers this time.

Most recently, Apex Legends broke his own Steam record in February. At that time was roaming about 393,000 players through the arenas (source: Steamdb).

The current record is really impressive, but does not reflect the entire player of the shooter. Because this is only the end of the game on a platform.

If you add the players on the consoles and EAS own platform origin , the actual number should be much higher.

And APEX is also financially about: EA has indicated in a current report, since the release of has generated two billion US dollars with the shooter. In the future, the company would like to implement about one billion a year. The growing number of players will definitely support this ambitious goal (source: EA).

_Apex Legends is more popular on Steam than ever. In the following games, the popularity scale should be at the bottom: _

Patch makes Elden Ring harder

Elden Ring gets another update. This time a boss is made stronger. The reason: In the last patch he was accidentally weakened by a bug.

Elden Ring - The Strongest STRENGTH WEAPON In The Game WRECKS! Ultimate STRENGTH BUILD in Elden Ring

Elden Ring makes boss hard again

Only a few weeks ago, FROM software had published the first update for the very successful Elden Ring. In addition to new NPCs and quests, however, it was screwed in bugs. ** But it’s also one of them: Starry Radahn was suddenly easier to defeat.

Between March 17 and April 5, players and players were able to find the boss in the castle rod only in his weakened form. His attacks have not caused so much damage **, as originally. And also his hitboxes, that is the reach of his attacks, was reduced.

What was held by the fans for a conscious decision, but now turns out as a bug. In the latest patch Notes, Bandai Namco writes that Balancing of the boss was now adapted. It was therefore attenuated by the force of its attacks. So now everything is again at the old 1. (Source: Bandai Namco)

Radhan is one of the toughest opponents in the game

Players call the boss as one of the heaviest throughout the game. Although you can help you of NPCs and a ghost aim of your election, in the end, Radhan remains an opponent who desperate many players. **

In the usual Souls manner, the fans of course argue about how strong Radhan is actually. After all, there is still later, at the end of the game, ** a lot of bosses that are heavier than the boss in the castle rods. Countless memes speak but volumes: many players have their problems with the estate.

_Ihr have already explored the intermediate lands extensively, but does not get enough of the Elden Ring Feeling? Then we listed seven games like Elden Ring for you, which can make you cheap steam: _

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Lost Ark: New bug worried the followers – “Remain ready to come the sausages”

For the terrific issue, which the players already kept in the heart-bug, preserve themselves, at the very least in part. It is presently feasible for players to give a degree of their very own HTML codes in the conversation of Lost Ark.

What is that for a pest? Already recently we reported an interested insect that you can bring the whole chat to collapse with the input of “< 3”. But regrettably some players have figured out that behind it extra covert, as a not thoughtful, sweet gesture.

Still is unclear to what degree that in Lost Ark is the situation. However it appears like it’s presently restricted to smaller sized trouble and collapsing chat windows. But that this error can also have specifically violent consequences just recently showed an additional MMORPG from Amazon.com, namely New World.

A brand-new bug is presently giving his misappropriating unloaded ARK and is irritating for many players. Yet especially the fans that were already taking a trip in New World have a negative feeling, which is worried about the mistake.

ATTENTION – We do not explain how discuss exactly how can insect exploited exactly manipulated even if also know how it just how, functions ask it to explain it in the comments. This offers a much better gaming experience for all fans.

New World as well as the sausages

Why is it about the sausage? It was particularly prominent in New World to exploit this pest to make gigantic sausages show up on the display of the players. It was possible, all the pictures that were in the video game easy to expand as well as post in the chat.

There, for players, due to a really comparable insect, it was also possible to complete particular missions directly by getting in a code in chat as well as hence to ranch gold. Or likewise to create an object web link to a things that it does not exist. This then led that New World did completely crashed and heavy steam a fixing.

In Lost Ark we see a comparable advancement, just without the pictures. But currently it is possible to transform the font style and over all the font style size in the chat of Lost Ark and also the language bubble over your head can be controlled. This is often made use of to share certain memes that take place in the MMORPG.

While some fans are currently surprising why their conversation home window constantly crashes or greatly emerge big letters in the little home window, various other players currently have negative guilds.

“Great, now I can allow myself be welcomed by crawlers”

How does the community react? A lot of the gamer takes the entire point up until now and with humor. Most importantly, the followers that were already traveling in New World, see the situation less tranquil and are concerned what can come.

In enhancement, the players are worried regarding that Robots can soon discover the trick and thus can use their uncertain deals in huge size. In addition to these problems, the reddit is in a loosened state of mind and also adheres to completely the remark by Khalmoon: “I damaged me, just how can Amazon take place twice?”

Incidentally, Amazon himself seems to take the insect seriously, several players currently report in reddit, for making the most of this chat bug, be it also for enjoyable, be banned momentarily. This sets off a great state of mind in the neighborhood as well as offers the fans the sensation that Amazon.com maintains your demands in sight.

Much wit and also little understanding

What the fans state? A highlight of the discussion concerning the mistake is definitely the much more funny comments in a reddit thread in which the topic recently started. He currently has more than 550 remarks. We would certainly such as to cooperate a few of them:

  • On the remark of a customer who stated that it does not deal with shade, PrimitImemammal replies: “Yes, that functions terrific. I was only meant 24 hr after I attempted. “
  • Mofu __ Mofu creates: “New World Players are already trembling now” What one more customer responses: “Prepare you, the sausages come.” (Dental Braces Yourselfes, Sausages Are Coming).
  • Likewise Akaicewolf writes: “The tale of the sausages is not yet to end. It no more suches as to provide them in New World, however they will reside on. “.
  • Wolvesbaneyt think it’s also worse than in New World: “Hey, it’s also worse than there. We had just safe gigantic sausages, you allow whole chats collision. “.
  • HuehueleaGuepro takes it with humor and also claims, “My installings have just been officially enhanced!” (Lailai is an insider from the Punika region of Lost Ark. These words are very often heard there.).

What do you consider the pest?
Do you still discover the entire circumstance in the area of enjoyable or are you additionally fretted about that there is also this pest to cooperate Lost Ark?
Have you currently discovered in chat that this error is exploited?
Write us in the remarks right here at Meinmmo.
If you likewise require assistance in the MMORPG, we have all the ideas, tricks and also develops for Lost Ark plainly summed up for you.

Banned In Lost Ark For Taking
A new bug is currently presenting his misappropriating unloaded ARK as well as is irritating for many players. Currently just recently we reported a curious bug that you can bring the entire conversation to collapse with the input of “< 3”. It is currently possible for players to give a degree of their own HTML codes in the conversation of Lost Ark.

ATTENTION – We do not explain how discuss bug can insect exploited exactly and precisely and also know how understand exactly how, functions ask it to explain it discuss the comments. It was specifically preferred in New World to manipulate this pest to make huge sausages show up on the screen of the players. Much of the player takes the whole point so much and also with wit.

Competitive game of Dungeons & Dragons revealed

A new calaboons and dragons The competitive table game will soon arrive at Wizkids. The Nicholas Yu Game Designer revealed on Twitter that he was the designer of a new mazmorras and Dragones -Ematic tablet-titled Dragones and dungeons: Embeded. The game was in Expo range during the weekend and will be a “game Of competitive skirmishes »in which players fight against rival adventurers and monsters looking for glory. The game will include 21 miniatures and will have the Harpers and Zhentim features of Forgotten Realms. Interestingly, Wizkids seems to be building a new line of games around _Mazmorras and Dragons: Embeded, since it will be supported by regular content and games and tournaments in the store. The game will also have a new combat dialing card system to track statistics during combat.

Wizkids previously published a miniature battle game called D & D: Ala of Attack, _ that presented players by choosing dragon teams and other aerial creatures to use in battle. That game finally launched 10 waves of expansions, which allowed players to choose terrestrial units and Dragon gods like Tiamat and Bahamut. An elevena wave for _D & D: Ala of Attack was announced but never released.

What are The Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons?

Of course, from the launch of D & D: Attacking wing, _ Wizkids has drastically increased its line of D & D miniatures with hundreds of new miniatures. Players are likely to buy specific products _D & D: Embeded Thumbnails for use in the game, but we will see how much crossing has Wizkids between their miniature line (which includes huge dragons and demons) and their new set of miniature skirmishes. Calaboons and dragons It has also drastically increased its popularity in recent years, which probably means that more players will be interested in immersing themselves in some kind of derivative game based on skirmishes.

A formal ad for Dragones and dungeons: Embeded is expected soon. The game will be launched in the third quarter of 2022.

How to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has several very complex battles with bosses, and a total of more than 80 bosses, players will definitely meet some of whom it is impossible to win. Star Square Radan is an optional boss in the game, but the rewards for his victory are worth it. It is also one of the most complex and unique bosses in Elden Ring, so players should not miss this battle in their passage.

EASIEST way to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring
The battle of Starscourge Radahn consists of two phases. It will happen on a huge arena, and it is so great that this is one of the few battles with bosses that allow the torrent during the battle. The first phase will consist mainly from the distant attacks of Radan. At this stage, the players really need to focus only on getting through the huge open platform to Radan, as well as shy away from its shells. Right at the entrance, players will also be able to call the useful allies of NPC ** that will help them in this struggle. This is what players should not miss, as NPC can distract the player’s attention during the battle.

The second phase is a clear beginning, as as soon as Radan reaches a certain percentage of health, it will take off into the sky. Returning like a burning fireball and knock on the ground. This should be avoided at any cost, since one hit from his descent can turn into death for the player. At this stage, the Radan has several attacks around the area and long battle, which it will use, and players should also avoid them.

The best overall strategy to adhere to players is emphasize mobility . Many Radan attacks can very quickly hit the players. Using Torrent to avoid some of the most deadly blows, can save a lot of health in battle, especially at the beginning. Because Radan is very fast and powerful patience in this battle with the boss is even more important than in some others.

Where is the “Star Square Radan”?

Star Square Radan is in Calid , the region east of the starting zone of Limgrave. It can be found in castle on the southeast coast area. Players will need to enter the castle and start the battle with the boss before going to the arena.

What do you get for the victory over Starscourge Radahn?

By defeating Radan, players will access his great rune. They can also visit the maiden in the fortress of the round table to restore his memory and get a big sword of the stellar firm. Radana clothing will also be available to buy from the Virgin after he is defeated. The death of Radan will also open the entrance to the Nokron, the Eternal City. Here players can find very powerful prey and the ashes of the Spirit.

Interested in bosses in Elden Ring and want to know more? Learn how to defeat the Dragon Warrior Noxtells in Elden Ring in the players on the game for professionals!

Destiny 2 – How to Complete Report: Altar Reflection

TO Evidence board Anclava Mars is an important resource for passing several side quests in Fate 2 One of which is report: Altar-Reflect . The quest itself is divided into four relatively simple steps.

  1. Visit the evidence board in Martian Anklav.
  2. Visit the reflection altar in the temple of anger in the throne world of Savatun.
  3. Decide the puzzle with runes and kill enemies
  4. Return to the proof board to register evidence and view them.

New Alter of Reflection Visited Report Altar-Reflect Quest Bring the Enigma to The New Access Point
After visiting the proof board, players will want to go to Trone World of Savatun and complete Altar reflection: Catalyst Mission. The mission itself will hold players through the temple of angry.

Once inside the temple, interact with the sphere of DeepSight and align the luminous symbol of the queen witches on the wall. As soon as it is done, a portal will appear through which the players will need to jump and which will lead them to altar reflection .

Once in the altar of reflection Players will need to be solved Runic puzzle What is a question The choice of runes, which does not match the template . The first puzzle will consist of eight columns of five runes in each. Shoot in three columns that are not built into the line to complete it. The second series of this puzzle is very similar to the first, but instead includes structures with three columns instead of eight. Shoot in the wrong column on three pillars to solve the riddle.

Opening the door, log in and clean the room from the enemies and view the memories. From there, go back to the Anklav Mars and register the evidence on the street board.

To learn more about Destiny 2, read the Destiny 2 Calaberese error code – which it means both corrections in the players for the game for professionals.

FIFA 22 Totw 23 players, reviews and more

It’s time to go to the store, to open a few players packages – the TOTW 23-team FIFA 22 is here. Every Wednesday can FIFA Players look forward to a new team of the week in FUT, a 23-member team, which highlights the best and brightest player of the past week. With improved statistics and some unusual position changes, it’s a great way to strengthen your team if you get the latest TOTW cards in their hands.

EA has also TOTW each team added a featured TOTW player – for this player statistic boost is even greater. This makes it for players who want to improve their team even more attractive.

The Team of the Week is an integral part of FUT mode of FIFA for some time, but that does not make it less exciting. The squad this week is not the best we’ve ever seen, but he is far from a bad selection of new enhanced players. Here you will find everything you need to know about which card packs in FIFA 22 are added TOTW 23 squad.

Okay, let’s go. Here is everything you need to know about TOTW 23 squad.


FIFA 22 TOTW 3 is packed with great players like Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane and Jadon Sancho.

If you are looking players League especially after Premier, Antonio Rüdiger is a good choice to strengthen your defenses. If you would like to join a Spanish Premier League squad, Muniain is an excellent choice that should not cost too much in the transfer market.

Here is a complete overview of the FIFA 22 23 TOTW Squad:

  • GK – Alban Lafont, 86
  • CB – Antonio Rüdiger, 85
  • POUND – Kyle Walker-Peters, 84
  • POUND – Christian Gunter, 84
  • LM – Jadon Sancho, 88
  • RM – Junya Ito, 86
  • LM – Iker Muniain, 85
  • CM – Daniel Olmo, 84
  • ST – Robert Lewandowski, 94
  • ST – Harry Kane, 92
  • ST – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 86
  • GK – Andrea Consiglio, 84
  • RB – Noussaier Marzaoui, 83
  • CB – Bremen, 84
  • Camera – Carlos Rodríguez, 81
  • ST – Arnaut Danjuma, 84
  • ST – Fabio Quagliarella, 82
  • ST – Moussa Marega, 81

* CB – Trent Sainsbury, 79
* POUND – Ben Garuccio, 75
* LM – Thomas Goiginger, 79
* ST – Georgios Giakoumakis, 80
* ST – Alfie May 74

Well, that’s all – another decent offer of TOTW function of FIFA 22. If you want to spice up your squad, you will see here our guide to the best FIFA 22 jerseys on. Did you get the most out of your players trouble? It might be worthwhile to read our FIFA 22 Guide to the best controller settings – there may be something that is worth to be changed.

Lost Ark: Which server should you play?

In recent days, we received some exciting information about publishing the new MMORPG’s Lost Ark. For example, in January update, we learned that we are already getting access to the popular T3 content. But also pre-download, release times, and the names of the available servers are now known.

In mmos, the server choice is often an important point for players. After all, nobody wants to land on a blank server, or fight on a full server with long waiting times. In Lost Ark, many things are not server, but region dependent, such as the auction house, but if you want to play different PVP modes or things like Chaos Dungeons with your friends, you have to play on the same server.

Which server is interesting for German-speaking players?

LOST ARK What can I do cross server? What server do I join? High pop vs Low Pop | Region vs Server
The European Servers of Lost Ark are not divided into different languages. For example, since there is no official German-speaking server, the community has simply decided to select a server itself.

This is the server ASTA . So if you want to make sure that some German-speaking players with you the world of Arkesia do unsafe, you should decide for this server. French and Spanish-speaking players have probably opted for the server Trixion.

If your great value puts on PVP , the server could be interesting for you. This should be the unofficial “PVP server”. So here you will surely find some players with whom you can equip a few Arena matches.

Of course you are not forced to choose one of these servers. Finally, such communities usually represent only a fraction of the in-house playership. So you will most likely find some players on each server who speak your preferred language and play your favorite content.

Battlefield 2042: Fan Prangert Fundamental problem – Players agree

Battlefield 2042 has many problems that can be solved with some updates. However, an important criticism is not to fix: the design of the cards. A player makes fun of Reddit and thousands of fans agree with him.

Battlefield 2042: cards are immature

Unit in Battlefield 2042 after the game starts on enemies, it may take a while – because the cards are damned great in conquest mode. As an infantryman you jog a good minute through the game world to finally meet his adversaries. In addition, the cards often offer the players hardly cover in the movement of A to B.

A funny Reddit post, which has now collected more than 14,000 likes, is funny about this problem by saying that he’s already the first screenshots of the coming DLC ​​cards Last:

In the pictures, however, only flat fields, green acreage and a boring steppe can be seen. Reddit’s user dismygyans draws attention to one of the great issues of Battlefield 2042: the cards do not offer enough variety, work empty and uncreative and will be glad for infantry players.

Battlefield 2042 offers various innovations compared to the predecessors. The most important of these we present you in the video:


Fans make your anger air – follow consequences soon?

While developers desperate troubles to meet the needs of the community, players make their anger in the official Subreddit air. There it hails harsh criticism .

Some Reddit users apparently do not hurt against bad insults, so that the Subreddits moderators are currently balancing whether they should close the discussion area for a certain time.

Whether it creates the developers to escape the hate spiral of the players remains to be seen. Currently, most fans from the shooter are anything but enthusiastic.

GTA Online: Suspending the bounty and get rid of it – how does it work?

GTA V Online Ways To Lose a Bounty
John Jackson ( 1994 or 1995), additionally called Mr. Hacking, is a protection researcher and also founder of the White has Cyberpunk Group Sakura Samurai.

In GTA online can you a bounty on other players expose. If you have bad luck, other players or the unknown put a bounty out on you. We show you how one exposes and can get rid of it.

What is this bounty? bounties GTA Online can be distributed to all players who are not in passive mode. Various bonuses can be exposed to the death of another player, who then earned the killer.

We show you in this review the options available at bounties:

How can you expose a bounty?
How can you earn a bounty?
How can you get rid of a bounty?

Bounty expose in GTA Online

This you have to do: First you’ve got to lobby GTA Online are, to play in the other players. Bounties can you not expose to NPCs, but only to other players.

Open your smartphone in the game.
Navigate to your Contacts list contacts.
The list is sorted alphabetically and only shows players and NPC contacts on.
Navigate to Lester and selects the option bounty expose.
Then select her from the player from the list which is to receive a bounty.
Selects now the height of the bounty amount — This may be an amount between 2,000 and 10,000 dollars. Of these, Lester wacky from a fee of $1,000.
The bounty now is an entire day in GTA Online (about 48 minutes in the real world) on the player, which you have chosen.
The player is highlighted with a symbol on the map and thus attractive to other players in the lobby.

The have to consider: Each player in the lobby to the player’s bounty can secure. So if you want to redeem from a player a bounty, you have to kill him before anyone else. Brings her yourself a bounty which you have subjected yourselves, you make a loss of $1,000 (the fee paid by you for the bounty of Lester)

Players who are in the passive mode in a public lobby can not get a bounty of other players.

If you steal enough cars from NPCs, then you get a bounty of Unknown — which shares you then the game itself and no other player.

Earn Bounty

How? If you want to save you the bounty of another player, then you just have to tilt it. You can find him by car over, shoot or kill any other possible way. It is important that you are the killer. Then you will be paid the money then directly.

It is important: A bounty can be bagged by one player. Considering that players are alerted with a bounty on it and know very well that the lobby is behind them. Expects therefore the fact that they defend themselves.

You can see the bounty premium but also earn yourself:

How can you get rid of his bounty?

This you have to do: To get rid of a bounty, you must stay alive (about 48 minutes) for 24 in-game hours. You can not wait in jobs or safe homes, until the time elapsed since the timer is paused in these cases. Then, when you’re outside again, the timer continues to run.

You to stay make it as long outdoors alive, even paid a bounty. The first time, there is a success for the survival of a bounty.

Do you already know what happens when you are in GTA Online runs out of money?

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