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The next Pokemon TCG expansion already has a release date

Although the Pokémon World Championships this year arrived in its last weekend, information about the various games of this franchise does not stop. In this way, the exact launch date for the next Pokémon DELTCG expansion was recently revealed. **

For all lovers of this card game, The Pokémon Company has revealed that the expansion of sword and silver shield will be available on November 11, 2022 . On this occasion, more radiant Pokémon will be introduced, such as radiant jirachi and radiant alakazam, some shiny presented with recorded illustrations that usually have powerful attacks and skills. In addition, the expansion will give prominence to more Pokémon V-Astro, such as Lugia V-Astro and Regidrago V-Astro, along with the first V-Astro Pokémon of the Pokémon TCG that has not reached its final evolution: Vulpix de Alola V-Astro.


Similarly, All coaches can find the following outstanding cards of sword and silver shield in improvement packages, elite coach boxes and special collections:

-Tres radiant Pokémon.

-15 Pokémon V and 18 Pokémon V in letters of expanded illustration.

-A Vmax Pokémon.

-Seis Pokémon V-Astro.

-30 letters that illustrate fans’ favorite coaches with their Pokémon in the subset gallery of coaches.

We remind you that the expansion of Pokémon TCG, known as Sword and Silver Shield, will be available on November 11, 2022 . In related issues, here you can check our review with the producer of Pokémon Unite. Similarly, this is our pokémon: The Arceus chronicle review.

Pokemon Go: How to complete the missions of the adventure challenge of the Adventure Week event 2022

In addition to the chiefs of incursion, the missions and other novelties, the 2022 Go-Go Summ Success, hence we have prepared a guide to offer you all the details about it.

How to complete the missions of the adventure challenge of the adventure week 2022 event

On this occasion you will have to leave yes or yes to the street if you want to carry out this new challenge, because the objective of most of its missions consists of to walk a certain amount of kilometers . For each one that you perform successfully they will give you an incubator, so that it is a greater incentive when opening eggs.

Beyond all this, among other objectives you will have to spin poképaradas and obtain a few candies with your fellow Pokémon. The most advisable thing is to select a Pokémon that requires that you walk very a few kilometers, such as Gyarados, with which you will receive a caramel for every kilometer that you walk.

All missions will be available until June 12 and to finish them you will take 5,000 experience points, 2,500 star powders and also three rare candies.



It is 5 kilometers
Incubator x1

It is 10 kilometers
Incubator x1

It is 25 kilometers
Incubator x1

Tour 50 Poképaradas

Meeting with Tyrunt

Get 5 candies with your partner Pokémon
Meeting with Amaura

7 free mobile video games and trends on iOS

Because free games, it’s still nice, you are offered this selection of seven free-to-play to do on iOS, less popular at the most classic.



You probably noticed it now, Wordle Carton on social networks, especially on Twitter. The principle is as follows: a daily word is to guess. The title immediately inspired a French version, Sutom, which allows you to play with words of our dictionary on an interface that naturally reminds Motus. You have in a time of six chances of offering the correct word, the game indicating the letters of the proposed word that are good but badly placed and in green those that are in the right place. The concept is as simple as addictive and will only take care of a handful of seconds if the weather is missing to play.

Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a moba that is practiced in an arena with 5 objectives on each side, in 5 against 5. Each team is responsible for defending its base, but also to appropriate neutral objectives that will give them a clear advantage. By beating opponents, the avatars earn in experience and dislocate more and more powerful skills. A rather conclusive title noted 15/20 in our columns: “in putting on the power of the franchise and an accessible gameplay, Pokémon Unite is necessary as a successful moba. Simple without being simplistic, it can be a perfect entrance door For neophytes “. Available since July 2021 on mobile with an exit on iOS and Android, Pokémon Unite continues to attract players around the world and would have reached 70 million downloads.


Free on PC as on mobile, Monolisk is an action-RPG cocktail, CGC and Dungeon construction in a fantasy world. The player is invited to build his own dungeons and share them with his friends. We can therefore explore levels totally created by the online community. The program also consists of recovering cards containing equipment, capabilities, creatures and environments, but also to customize 5 heroes with varied capabilities.


League of Legends, Wild Rift simply transposes the LOL experience on mobile. The principle remains here the same: two teams of 5 players compete on a card composed of 3 channels and a jungle. The participants have the mission to exterminate the opposing defensive towers, paving the way towards the Nexus which once destroyed, offers the victory. The duration of the parts is about fifteen minutes, so ideal for a session on mobile. The experience was very successful as soon as it exit in 2020, why we attributed to him the score of 18/20: “plus accessible, shorter and less frustrating, the games of this mobile version will be able to represent a perfect compromise For players who have dropped from lol and his grueling parts, or for those left on the key by his demanding prerequisites.

Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood

Puzzle-Game as minimalist as Adorable, Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood follows the history of small Tian, a child launched in a quest to discover the cause of the rain. To help it in this fantastic epic, it can help from a mysterious medallion that transforms one’s body into a whole bunch of different objects: “_, as lightweight as air, as heavy as a rock or also bouncing a basketball balloon in this unique puzzle resolution game. It is enough to touch the screen to transform. In all, count over 120 levels of puzzle, but also on the ability to create your own level and play hundreds of online levels created by other players.


Dungeon Crawler mixture in turn with cards, Dungeon Faster self-proclaims “The Roguelike of the BENUILE“. In a pretty desined universe, the goal is to lead 5 determined heroes overcoming hordes of enemies during a campaign. You will probably meet a variety of different enemies between _ “Where Garou, Zombibi, or the terrible sketete_”. Among the proposed features, count on the exploration of solo dungeon, hero level, deck construction, looting and offline game; Before each confrontation against a boss, it will be necessary to take good care of improving the capabilities of your heroes.


Top 10 Most Realistic Games for Your Android & iOS Devices!

Difficult to talk mobile games without evoking the Free-to-Play GESHIN Impact action, developed by Mihoyo, and whose popularity is no longer to demonstrate.
At the base, it is ready for 300 people and $ 100 million that have been invested in this ambitious project.
The story takes place in the world of Teyvat, corrupted by humans after they have received the civilization as a gift from the gods.
A game that knows how to make up regular updates and we had noted 17/20 a year after his exit: “genshin impact is, a year later, a key 1. Very (very!) Generous in content
, with sublime graphics and an incredible staging, Mihoyo’s RPG-Gacha has overcome our a priori to become a rare quality game, regardless of the platform you are changing.

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How to register previously for the new game of Niantic: Peridot

After the meteoric success of Pokemon Go, the Niantic developer is moving to a new game and recently shared the first trailer and details. Peridot is a new AR game for iOS and Android devices that will allow players to take care of adorable magical creatures and take them with you wherever you go. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about How to pre-register in Peridot .

What is the peridot?

Peridot is essentially the increased reality (AR), the version for smartphones of a Tamogotchi. Players will be able to take care of their own Peridot, an adorable creature that will need to be cherished, fed, cleaned and played to grow and live a happy life.

You can take them to walk and see them interact with their environment from the real world, and take pictures and videos to create memories together. Explore together will also generate elements that can also help you take care of your peridot.

Players will also be able to raise their peridot with each other, expanding the species and raising new types completely. Although, at the time of writing this article, little else has been said about how this mechanics will work and how many unique peridot there are.

How to register previously for Peridot

To register previously, go to playperidot.com and then click on the pink button «Preregístrese to get more information».

Then you must enter your email address, date of birth and your region and then click on the ‘Send’ button just below the form you completed.

If you are successful, you will receive an email at the end of this month informing you that now it is part of the soft launch beta test.

What is the release date of Peridot Soft Beta?

NEW NIANTIC GAME * PERIDOT * | Everything You Need to Know!
Currently, Niantic has only shared that the soft beta version of Peridot will be launched in selected territories later in April. An official date has not been given, nor the regions that will first obtain the soft beta version. However, according to Pokémon Go’s preliminary launch, we hope that at least the United States, Mexico and Japan are in the first wave.

Once we have more information, we will update this publication and we will let it know.

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Pokemon Go: How do you catch Cottonee and can it be shiny?

Pokémon Go ‘s latest event called Lush Jungle is coming to an end. But it’s time to harvest the fruits. Especially with the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight is now the best time to jump in the Lush Jungle and catch a cott1. In addition, the rumor is about that it can be shiny in Pokemon Go for the first time. Here’s all you need to know about how to catch Cottonee and whether it can be shiny in Pokemon Go.

Lush Jungle Weekend Park in the spotlight

As already mentioned, Lush Jungle offers the latest Alola event in Pokemon Go, a weekend park in the spotlight exclude. This event is similar, but slightly different than a Spotlight Hour. There are many opportunities to catch a debut-pokémon like a fantis or a Tapu Lele before the end of Lush Jungle, so do not miss it.

How to catch Cottonee

The best chance to catch Cottonee in Pokemon Go is the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight . The Spotlight Event starts on Saturday, March 26, 2022, at 10:00 o’clock local time and takes to Sunday, March 27, 2022, at 20:00 local time. During this time, Cottonee will appear more frequently in parks. Since the Lush Jungle event focuses mainly on Grass Pokémon, the highlight of Cottonee, a Pokémon of Type Fairy and Grass, in its own Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight is the perfect degree.

Can Cottonee be shiny?


Yes, for the first time in Pokemon Go, Cottonee can be shiny . These are always exciting news for Shiny hunters, but even if they are not particularly interested in catching every existing Shiny Pokémon, Shiny Cottonee is a really cute Pokémon that you can add to your collection. Usually, Cottonee is a white fluff ball with green tones and green leaf ears, but the shiny version of Cottonee transforms it into gold. The eyes that are usually golden at the standard Cottoee are also green in the glossy version of Cottonee.

While the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight does not increase the rate, with the shiny Cottones, technically not increased, it will increase the spawnrate of all types of Cottone’s in general. Nevertheless, this is still the best chance to catch a shiny Cottone before it becomes extremely difficult. So, go out and get a shiny Cottone! If you are looking for other helpful tips and tricks, you definitely read our Pokemon go instructions. Good luck coach!

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

  • This article was updated on March 22, 2022

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Pokemon Go: How do you catch Cottonee and can it be shiny?

Pokemon Diamond / Perl finally get a feature, waiting for the fans long

Pokémon Diamant and Pokémon Perl have already been released on the switch months ago as a radiant diamond and luminous pearl. However, the two remakes missed a function that fans had hoped: the magic exchange, or the possibility to exchange a Pokémon against another unknown Pokémon online. But now your prayers were heard: the new Update 1.3.0 finally opens the gates of the Global Wonder Station and brings the long-awaited function into the game.

Pokémon Diamond / Perl: Update 1.3.0 is there, that’s in it

Update to Ver 1.3.0: Pokémon Bright diamond and luminous pearl get today, on March 16, missed the latest patch. You can already download that now, which should happen at the latest at the start of the game alone, unless the function has turned off.

What brings the update? The patch shares in three larger areas, as Nintendo writes on the official support page.

  • Arceus Event: Who not only luminous pearl or radiant diamond, but also Pokémon legends: Arceus has on the switch, enjoys a very special event. In it, you can meet the mysterious Pokémon Arceus and Darkrai if your specific requirements meets (more about this via: Pokémon ).
  • Online swap function: The Global Wonder Station Aka GWS in Jubelstadt is now open. There you can now exchange Pokémon with other players online now. However, you still need a paid Nintendo Switch online subscription.
  • Further customizations and corrections […] to improve the gameplay experience.”

You are missing in the remakes other legendary Pokémon? Then look past Hamanusa Park. As this trailer shows, you will find it:

How to work the online exchange

As in most other Pokémon games you can choose from your Pokémon you want to separate. This then offers you online a randomly selected person somewhere around the world and from this person receives the Pokémon you offer. For you, that means, you exchanges a Pokémon you do not want to anymore, against another random Pokémon.

More about Pokémon:

  • Pokémon Karmesin / Purple: All previously known differences

GWS & Arceus Event out NOW in Update 1.3.0 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

  • Pokemon Arceus – rock wall keeps shiny caught
  • Pokécenter in Karmesin and Purpur look like petrol stations

While the release of Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl and Pokémon legends: Arceus is not yet so long ago, the next Pokémon main game was announced. With Pokémon Karmesin and Purple, the ninth generation is officially introduced and the title should appear at the end of the year.

How do you find the exchange function? Are you looking forward to the comeback of the feature?

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to get peatblock

Ursaluna is the powerhouse of a Pokémon. While you can summon it with your loyal Celestica flute on orders, you can actually use Ursuluna as Pokémon in combat. For reasons of Pokedex completion, you have to develop three Ursarings to get it, so you need a specific item. This item is the peat block, so we help you here to get an in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Where can I get a peat block in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are two sources in which you can find this item in the game. The first method is C full request 77, Gone Astray… in The Islands . If you complete this, you will receive an icon, a starchown and a peat block. Do not worry that you have only a peat block. These can be acquired again in contrast to the Alolan Vulpix from Request 83.

The other method is to use Ursuluna’s Item Finder ability. It can find objects that you might not normally see in the Oberwelt. As soon as they have penetrated far enough into the story to tame them, bring them to Ginkgo Landing in the Cobalt Coastlands. Browse the area in the sand until Ursulunas finds article finder something.

If you try to meet the requirements to develop Ursarings for your Pokedex, you only need to fulfill this request and dig up with Ursaluna two peat blocks. This grind is not too bad, though you should note that you have to wait until the game has full moon while you use it. Otherwise, the item has no evolutionary effect. You will not spend this item if you try to use it if no full moon is. The peat block will simply have no effect.

Since they only have three Ursalunas, maybe they want one Alpha with a relentless nature . Ursaluna is not the best special standards, but it is a very serious normal attacker, which makes it not only rather robust, but also very devastating for Pokémon, which are prone to physical attacks.

Pokémon legends: Arceus is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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Pokemon Go Bringing Apex-Crypto-lugia Und Apex-Crypto-ho

If you gets a ticket for the tour as well as closes special study, you will obtain this masterpiece study. For the activation of Lugia and Ho-Oh you have then showed a little bit much longer.

What are that for Pokémon? After a short teaser, many players have actually already suggested that in the Go Tour: Johto Lugia and also Ho-Oh contribute. Now we understand that you enter into play via a masterpiece research study.

Pokémon Go obtains with the Go Tour: Johto 2 brand-new types for the legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-Oh.

Apex-Crypto-Ho-Oh and also Apex-Crypto-Lugia must emit an aura as they have not seen them in any type of other Pokémon prior to. She ought to likewise alter if she launches her from the Crypto debuff.

So solid are the 2 brand-new variation of Ho-Oh and Lugia

How do the Pokémon begin? A lot of coaches who have actually formerly expressed themselves in Reddit are instead sobered by the modifications. On the one hand, many are disappointed that the Apex-Crypto-Pokémon is still the exact same designs, only with a bit a lot more color.

Player Worry Pay2Win for PVE and are let down with the version.

On the various other hand, there are instructors that do not like that both Pokémon can only be acquired regarding a ticket for the Go Tour. The reddit user optimus_toaster also sees a sort of pay2win in it:.

Exactly how solid is Lugia? The new Apex Crypto version of Lugia uses the ability to lug air +. This is a boosted version of air power.

  • In train combating it creates 170 damage.
  • In arena battles and RAID has a hard time even 225 damage.

Just how solid is that exactly? The damages in trainer fights is precisely what you are made use of to from the routine variations of Ho-Oh as well as Lugia. This Pokémon are as a result not more powerful than their equivalents.

Pokémon Go Tour Johto 2022: Research, Ticket, Versions and also bonuses.

That redeems Pinnacle Crypto-Ho Oh, gets accessibility to the ability of lighter fire ++:.

So if you are taking a trip in the PVP, you ought to keep both Pokémon in your Crypto variation.

If these improved abilities only use to players with ticket, then this is a solid kind of pay2win. It was possibly inevitable after the Shorigigas day, I think.

Pokémon Go gets with the Go Tour: Johto 2 new types for the legendary Pokémon Lugia as well as Ho-Oh. What are that for Pokémon? After a brief intro, lots of players have actually already recommended that in the Go Tour: Johto Lugia as well as Ho-Oh play a role. The damage in instructor battles is specifically what you are made use of to from the routine versions of Ho-Oh and Lugia. ** Just how do the Pokémon begin?

  • In train combating it creates 130 damage
  • In sector straps as well as RAID battles 135 damage

Some had really hoped that the “Wind of Darkness” Lugia might enter play.

Everything regarding Go Tour: Johto can be located right here:.

APEX SHADOW LUGIA & HO-OH?! Johto Tour Masterwork Research Revealed in Pokémon GO!

In the PVE, however, there is a power creep. There they come from the toughest Pokémon throughout the game.

  • In train combating it causes 170 damage.
  • In field straps and RAID has a hard time 200 damage.

Exactly how strong is Ho-Oh? The new APEX Crypto version of Ho-OH utilizes the ability of lobefire +. This is a boosted variation of wattle fire.

Nevertheless, others do not see a trouble in this aspect that there is the boost just for PVE web content. exactly how do you see it? As well as are you safeguarding the 2 Pokémon?

  • In train fighting it triggers 130 damage.
  • In field straps and raid fights even 155 damage.

Whoever redeems Apex-Crypto-Lugia obtains access to the capacity to air ++:.

Pokemon Go: Dexesys (normal form) – counter

Update from February 14, 2022: Deoxys (normal shape) SuperLange has not been available in Pokémon Go, because the Pokémon only was only about the Ex-RAIDs limited by invitations. Since the corona pandemic has made the world under control, ex-raids are paused and therefore you can look forward to a lot of deoxys in the animal 5-raids. That was after the Pokémon Go festival 2021 so and is also to Johto-Tour 2022 true. Deoxys (normal form) spawnt from 16 February 2022 from 10:00 to 19 February 2022 at 10:00 clock – Accordingly, Deoxys (normal form) is the star of the legendary RAIDSTunde on 16 February 2022 between 18: 00 clock and 19:00 clock. Who wants to have deoxys as a shiny, should be relaxed Wednesday evening! Here is the overview of the currently best counterattack for deoxys (normal form) in Pokémon Go! Generally, you will help you mind and inappropriate attackers!

ALL DEOXYS FORMS CAUGHT IN POKEMON GO (Normal, Attack, Defence, Speed)

Current counter to deoxys (normal)

  • Mega Gengar with dark claw and spikball
  • Mega Dog Moon with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Crypto-Despotar with bite and crunch
  • Darkrai with stewing token and Finsteraura
  • Mega-absolute with stewing tower and Finsteraura
  • Mega-Garados with bite and crunch
  • Giratina (original form) with dark claw and spikball
  • Crypto-Snibunna with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Skelabra with burden and spikball
  • Crypto Mewtu with psychobling and spikball
  • Hoopa (unleashed) with amazing and finstera
  • Hoopa (bound) with amazing and spikball
  • Trikephalo with Bite and Finstera
  • Crypto-Scherox with anger blade and cross shears
  • Crypto-TraunMagil with burden and spikball

Pokémon Go: Deoxys (normal form) as Raidboss

Deoxys is as mentioned as a mysterious Pokémon, and belongs to the Psycho type, and should therefore be challenged to fight with unsilting or mind attackers. As Raidboss, deoxys (normal form) has 50,271 cp and is boomed on stage 25 in windy weather. Accordingly, his potential immediac attack Zen head thrust and Ladeattacke Psyschub then cause more damage – fortunately, in particular, in particular illumant attackers stuck that relatively well without twitching with the eyelash. Deoxys (normal form) can also use the charging beam (electro, instant), lightning cannon (electro, charging) and hyperstrahl (normal, charging), but also that should not be too dangerous for your selected fighters. Should your unsilting and mind fighters really pure, then their deoxys (normal form) attacks in fog.

With the following Pokémon you should pull in the battle:

  • Giratina (original form) with dark claw and spikball
  • Skelabra with burden and spikball
  • Darkrai with stewing token and Finsteraura
  • Trikephalo with Bite and Finstera
  • despotar with bite and crunch
  • Mewtu with psychoblings and spikball
  • GeneSECT with anger blade and cruise shears
  • SNIBUNNA with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Gengar with dark claw and spikball
  • SHECHIGAS with power reserve and Gigaßauf
  • Scherox with anger blade and cross shears
  • Banette with dark claw and spikball

Pokémon Go: DEOXYS (normal shape) catch

If you have successfully completed the fight against Deoxys (normal form), follow the duty the freestyle and you have the chance to ban the pocket monster in your Pokéball. Then DEOxys (normal shape) on stage 20 has 100% -IV values ​​over 1,806 CP. If deoxys (normal form) is baptized in windy weather at level 25, then it has 2,257 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. We wish you much success in the hunt!

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