For the junior varsity of Borussia Dortmund, the 2022/23 season is certainly not as desired that BVB coach Christian Prefer will be at the door after a 2-1 win against 2nd department relegated FC Ingolstadt.
The black and yellow confirmed the separation on Monday evening.
The reality that after 21 video game days of the 3rd league with 21 points you ranked really thinly prior to the first relegation zone, you would have liked to be different with BVB II, however the last outcome was given the factor for hope.
The leadership of the Russia nevertheless pulled the ripcord and coach Christian Prefer launched his jobs with instant result.
We have actually not decided simple. In the past couple of weeks, however, we have grown that our season goals-both when it comes to the advancement of the group and the individual advancement of the players-will be challenging to accomplish in this constellation.
We would like to thank Christian Presser for his work and dream him only the absolute best for the future, said Ingo Press, the ing director of the U23 of the Dortmund, the surprising step.

BVB has no follower in the hindquarters

Presser trained Roadway Essen, SC Freiburg II and Fortuna Düsseldorf prior to he was successful BVB II in the Successor of Enrico, who was moved to Bundesliga club FC Anglia club, in summer of 2022.
Of 21 video games, Prussia was only able to win sobering six (3 draws, 12 defeats).

A balance sheet that was now doomed by the Berlin native.
If you follow Prussia, the BVB desires to choose in the coming days.
It is not surprising that you are not satisfied with the efficiency in the 3rd division this season: Marcel Hotkey, Tom Roth, Justin Jinnah, Marco Basaltic, Antonio’s Papadopoulos and Lion Semi remained in the team in the previous triumph versus Ingolstadt,
who have already had experience in the Bundesliga.