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The Last of United States: HBO shows the very first movie product from the upcoming collection

While it is not yet understood when the series for the video game The Last people begins, there are at the very least the first moving images. In a new video, the streaming service HBO Max accentuates its upcoming shows. As an emphasize, there is a tiny sneak peek of The Last of United States at the end of the just recently released clips.

brief clip shows Ellie, Joel and much more

It is also intriguing to see a scene in which the mushroom-like overgrowth of a clicker can be seen on a wall. The scenes for the collection The Last of United States are unfortunately over, yet give an excellent summary of the significant tone the program will hit.

In the very first seconds of the intro, Joel as well as Ellie can be seen that sneak over a snow-covered bridge. After that, they can be seen in an abandoned structure that is with newspaper. Any person who indicates something to me either died or left me, states Ellie, who is played by the Game of Thrones actress Bella Ramsey. You have no idea what loss is, replies Pedro Pascals Joel.

Further records on the topic :

According to the trailer, the The Last of Us program will certainly be relayed next year. This was last validated by the HBO manager Casey Bloys . One should expect in early 2023. That would certainly likewise match what one of the five supervisors of the series claimed. According to Kantemir Balagov, the program very early following year need to show up . In addition to Balagov, the Tschernobyl creator Craig Mazin and also Naughty Dogs Co-President Neil Druckmann likewise guided the series.
| Actor for Henry & Sam and two brand-new characters verified | The HBO collection will appreciate the video clip game layout, Bella Ramsey ensures

Resource: IGN, Comicbook

The scenes for the series The Last of United States are regrettably over, yet offer a great introduction of the remarkable tone the show will strike.

While it is not yet known when the series for the video game The Last of Us begins, there are at the very least the first moving images. As an emphasize, there is a little preview of The Last of Us at the end of the recently published clips.

According to the trailer, the The Last of United States program will be broadcast following year.

Additional reports on The Last of Us.

LOL: Atheris bites strong in the Honor Division

The second day of action begins in the Division of Honor with great coming meetings, on the one hand the snakes seek They turned interesting yesterday making it clear who take the key points on the maps to close the games.


I present my fangs

The first series places Atheris against Zylant Gaming taking a lucian in the lower lane in the hands of demy accompanied by the Nami of Epicreaper with a pair that achieved an early advantage with which the snakes would put The things in his favor in a good way, the confrontation turned from the current runners-up who ended the game in their favor.

In the second duel Adry was present with a Taliyah in the jungle with which he would put stones in the dragons with which they would obtain the soul of the hell in their hands, however, the horde would not fall with this due to that had the Zeri of Zeypher that took the best weapons to be able to turn in the fights leaving things couples and tieding the series phenomenal.

For the tiebreaker the meeting was very even since the first minutes where none of the teams wanted Rays to the rivals but things ended in a baron fight that the snakes proposed ending up coming out in their favor and with it ended the game along with the series.

Not in my guard

In the second series of the day Six Karma fight against Tomorrow eSports taking a tryndamere in the hands of Sky in the central part for the tomorrow team with which they achieved an important advantage but the green wave would not let things conclude like this, in a team fight Sky I would seek to sneak into the rival base to finish the match but Icytower and the tower would do their work to stop it and with a victorious fight 6K took the victory.

During the second game the green wave would put the accelerator in the game with great power from the beginning with a Mrlemon very proactive during the game with his lilia to take the advantage with his squad, the 6K team played a very game very Clean leaving the unnecessary fights on the side managed to close the match in their favor with a blunt victory.

A afternoon full of action leaving the snakes of Atheris with a lethal bite against the dragons to better position themselves in the table, we also saw the power of the green wave who made the team of tomorrow fall fall Confundent, now we have to see how the other teams of the Mexican League handle the situation.

¿Dragons Dogma con FPS Boost en Xbox Series X/S? No de momento

Dragon’s Dogma is one of the best fantSeriesy games that have ever been made, but so far Capcom had not revealed any sequel. When ten years of the launch of the original are completed, the Japanese company hSeries finally announced that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be a reality . It is therefore a good time to review (or try the original title for the first time. However, it does not seem that the FPS Boost option will be available in the backward versions in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

JSerieson Ronald, from Xbox, hSeries responded to a follower on Twitter that the study met unforeseen when it came to working with performance improvements: The team investigated Dragon’s Dogma while we were working at FPS Boost. There were some secondary problems , which means that they could not give green light to that version.

What games do Capcom prepare?

In addition to Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom hSeries multiple development projects: Japanese work at Street Fighter 6, the next installment of the successful fighting saga. Another of the most anticipated launch is undoubtedly Shadows of Rose, the first expansion of payment of Resident Evil Village. It will be accompanied by mercenaries (we can control Lady Dimitrescu) and in a way that will allow us to revive the main game in the first person. Does anyone remember Resident Evil Re: See? The multiplayer title finally hSeries a releSeriese date: October 28.


One of the open secrets is that Resident Evil 4 wSeries going to receive a remake. It wSeries officially announced at the State of Play, with a date planned for March 24 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

Read here the First details of Dragon’s Dogma 2, in development for PC and for the nine generation of consoles.

Xbox Series X Dashboard: There is nostalgic Xbox 360 Blade Background

Many players are not tired of demanding new backgrounds for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s dashboard. The Reddit user Prasad1287 has created some designs on its own that are reminiscent of good old times.

For many fans of the Microsoft box, the Xbox 360 era was the entry into the ecosystem of the WXBOX. At that time everything was different, other controllers, less hard disk storage, no Xbox Game Pass or cloud gaming.

However, this does not mean that everything was worse. For example, many players miss the dashboard and the designs from back then. There were even dynamic topics in which every avatar of your friend list was shown in their own environment.

Even before the introduction of these themes, the dashboard of the Xbox 360 was shown in a kind of tab view as you know them from Windows. Prasad1287 has revived these so-called “Blades” and made it available as a.JPGS in a public Google Drive-simply for everyone who longs for earlier times.

Here’s an example:

The Blades were created in the following motifs:

How To Set Up Original Xbox Dashboard on Xbox Series X/S
* red
* Blue
* Dark Mode
* Green Circles
* Green wave
* Green
* gray
* orange
* purple

To use the background, you can use the EDGE browser on the Xbox and then select a picture and set up as a background for your Xbox. But you can also save all the pictures on a USB stick and set it to your Xbox. You can read how this works on the official page of Xbox Support.

“Tomraider” series new work development announcement, UNREAL ENGINE 5 to production. “Days Gone” director also subscribed to the studio

EPIC Games broadcasts a program “State of Unreal 2022” that delivers information on Unreal Engine 5 (hereinafter, UE5) on April 6. In this case, the introduction of the studio adopting UE5 is also conducted, and Crystal Dynamics also announced adoption. The studio revealed that the next work of the “Tomrader” series is under development at UE5.

The “Tomrader” series is an action adventure game that makes Lara Croft, which is an archeologist and a explorer. It is a popular series that lasts from 1996, characterized by exploration of ruins where treasures sleeps and game play using various devices. Currently, Square Enix has IP, and Crystal Dynamics under the company is developed centering on.

Crystal Dynamics Franchise General Manager Dallas Dickinson comments that the next level story tering in the game play experience is realized by UE5. And the goals in the “Tomraider” series are to push up the limit of fidelity, and it is stated that high quality cinematic actions and adventure experiences are provided to fans.

In the “Tomraider” series, we conduct reboots at “Tomb Raider” of the 2013 release. I went to the first adventure of Young Lara Croft, followed by “Rise of the Tomraider” and “Shadow of the Tomrader”, and it was drawn that she grows. Since a series of stories are being completed by this triplet, it is interesting to what time and stage will be in the new work that is currently under development.

The same series is one of the high quality 3D graphics. Adoption of UE5 is expected to be able to enable adventures with unprecedented visuals. Crystal Dynamics is currently recruiting human resources on many types of jobs, and development is still an early stage pattern. So far, specific information about new work has not been revealed and focused on follow-up. By the way, Jeff Ross, who served as a “Days Gone” game director, has announced that he joined the same studio as a design director. It may be involved in “Tomrader” new work.

This EPIC Games event also introduced other studios to adopt UE5. The other day, the “Witcher” series new work is being developed at UE5, and Haven Studios who have just entered each studio under Microsoft and SIE umbrella. It will be supported at UE5 because PS VR2 logo can also be confirmed.

Besides, the Layers of Fear’s Blober Team, “Life Is Strange” DontNod Entertainment, “Alan Wake”, “Little Nightmare”, “Little Nightmare”, “Paydayday” Starbreeze, “Payday” of “Payday”, etc. Is a name. Major makers in China such as tencent and Perfect World also adopt UE5. On the other hand, Japanese manufacturers can not be found. However, there are many domestic titles that adopt UE4, so they will eventually shift to UE5.

Unreal Engine 5 is officially released from April 6th. In this broadcast, the presentation was surprised that the announcement was performed, and the UE5 feature introduction and technical lecture were also conducted. UE5 can be downloaded from Epic Games Launcher. A 5% royalty occurs only if the sales of works developed using UE5 can be used free of charge.

Tornedd Souls cancels PS4 and Xbox One versions

XBOX One или PS4 ??!!

We wrote for the first time on Tormeted Souls in August of last year, but we have not heard much about the game since then. The survival horror returns to the roots of the genre with fixed camera angles, but with a modernized control team for an increased level of dynamism.

Unfortunately for those who impatiently await the game, it seems that it will arrive on a platform less, because the output of the PS4 has been canceled. No word from Pqube publishers to explain why, especially since the game will always see the trip out of the switch. Playstation fans who are eagerly awaiting this one may have to wait to go to the PS5 or the X / S series.

The game sees the Caroline protagonist investigating the mysterious disappearance of a set of twins, to wake up naked in a bathtub in a mansion become hospital teeming with monsters. The game is designed to combine the exploration and combat of the old school with puzzles similar to modern puncture-clicking games, with the possibility of modifying objects in the puzzle. Maybe we will see some influence of the Nonary Games series? Well, it seems that the difficulty is there. In an interview with Pushsquare, the brothers Gabriel and German Araneda – Developer leaders Dual Effect – said: “For us, puzzles have been one of the most difficult things to solve because the border between easy and too difficult varies a lot from one person to another.. But for now, we take the risk of having difficult puzzles, and we will apologize later.

The game goes out for PS5, Switch, Xbox Series and PC. A physical edition is available at some retailers, including Funstock.com – who have an exclusive sun and moon premium.

Gentleman Luna unleTrailer Lunahed in a new trailer full of action: Marvel warn of extreme violence

In the absence of only one week for its world premiere exclusively in Disney +, Luna Luna , the new and expected series of Marvel Studios , share a new trailer entitled Protect. A new progress in which we see its protagonist totally unleTrailer Lunahed fighting against criminals and even fantTrailer Lunatic beings. To all this we must add some lTrailer Lunat minute statements from the scriptwriter of the series, Jeremy Slater , which warns of a level of violence never before seen in the UCM despite * not having R * . This is what Variety medium is collected through a recent interview.

Moon Knight: extreme violence without rating r

Thus, and thanks to this new Knight Trailer Luna that you can see leading this news, we can see Marvel’s watchman in full action, demonstrating some “advanced combat techniques against maneantes and even fantTrailer Lunatic beings. So much so, that Moon Knight is able to use his chest blades like throwing weapons and use his layer Trailer Luna an antibalable parapet. Of course Moon Knight promises Action and fight choreographies ** Apoteosics.

On the other hand, the scriptwriter of the series JEREMY SLATER hTrailer Luna offered an interview with Variety on the occTrailer Lunaion of the American premiere of the series and in which he hTrailer Luna advanced for the series a few levels of violence never before seen in Marvel Studios : “We are going to have the highest PG-13 rating we can. We are going to give people something to suffer, who are erice the skin. We have a violence that hTrailer Luna never been seen before in Marvel Studios. The study always supported this decision. They were great about it, “says the scriptwriter.

Moonfall (2022 Movie) Official Trailer – Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley
Even so, Slater says they know where the limits are and it will be a series that can see the whole family : “I think it is an appropriate series for all ages. That wTrailer Luna important for us. We did not want to do something that wTrailer Luna inaccessible for a large part of the UCM fans. We know that people see these series with their children and their families. That is quite important, “the scriptwriter concludes.

Games for March 2022

Several spectacular indielets appear in March. The Housemarque owned by Sony may not be the case anymore in the spirit of the article, but the domesticity was left.

_Pois from the comfort zone of the _Oon consolefin article series focusing on the games behind the AAA titles.

March 2022

FAR: Changing Tides (1.3)

Symphatic FAR: Lone SailSin The extension section offers the same adventure. Small puzzles, handsome scenery and atmospheric tourism in natural mercy. FAR: Changing Tides is part of the Game Passport range.

Satavava: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X

Top 10 NEW Games of March 2022
tunic (16.3.)

A long-awaited zeldic tunic will finally appear. Finjin published in the adventure game a bold fox goes to a large adventure towards an unknown. The world opens slowly with new talents and weapons – just like in its example.

Satava: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X


Shredders sunny mountain landscapes look really calling. A powder sticks thrust the wind when the camera is moving around the boarder. The game is trying to achieve a snowboarding filix with certain visual choices. ShredDers Added to a Game Passport in the publication.

Satava: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X


Domestic returnal expands with a free ascension update package. In the future, the Bantle can also be accessed with a friend. The extension also introduces a new single-player to the Tower of Sisyphus form, which aims to progress in the tower layer from the floor as the enemy levels are hampered.

Satation: PlayStation 5

The Memoir Blue (24.3.)

Annapurna’s name publisher is usually good. The Memoir Blue dives to the sea of ​​memories. The interactive poem combines both audiovisually and playing different genres. The work is added to the Game Passport range.

Satavava: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X

Suggest the games to the list in the commentary section. Sharing is caring.

“Biohazard Re: 3” topped 5 million copies worldwide! ~ Sales number is steadily extended by high evaluation to work and promotion of digital sales

Capcom, Inc. Informed of PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox ONE and PC Games “Biohazard Re: 3”, Introducing 5 million in the world.

Capcom Co., Ltd. shows a game “Biohazard Re: 3” for PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One and PC, as it shipped 5 million in the world.

“Biohazard Re: 3” has arranged the story and settings of the “Biohazard 3 Last Escape” released in 1999, and utilizing advanced technologies such as the company developed engine “Re Engine” has been played. It is a remake title that achieves a fresh game experience.

In the “Japan Game Grand Prize 2021” announced in “Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online”, in addition to having a high reputation from users who won the annual work sector “Excellence Award”, continuous price measure and PC We have steadily expanded the user layer and achieved 5 million in the world through the promotion of digital sales strategies such as strengthening the version.

We will continue to provide outstanding game development capabilities and meet the expectations of users.

Product Summary

1. Title Name Biohazard Re: 3 2. Genre Survival Horror 3. Compatible model PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox ONE, PC 4. Release date April 3, 2020

※ “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Corporation.

※ Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X | S are trademarks of Microsoft Group.

# “Biohazard” series

This series is a survival horror game that tries escaping from a disastere with weapons and items. Since the first production of the 1996, the series of consent sales of the series is a representative content of more than 100 million, and there are more than 25 years since the appearance, we have already collected enthusiastic support from all over the world.

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