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New civilization Ottoman Empire and Mari are added in the Age of Empires IV anniversary apde

Xbox Game Studios has announced the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live to add a new civilization to the RELIC ENTERTAINMENT and WORLD’s Edge RTS Age of Empires IV . It is a free update, and if you have the game itself, you do not need to purchase additional DLC.

The additions are Ottoman Empire and Mari . The Ottoman Empire features a trained army and a huge gunpowder weapon The Great Bombard . The West African civilization Mari demonstrates powerful economic power in gold mining. In addition to these two civilizations, new maps, achievements, masters implementation, and road map content released in June are included in the update.

In addition, next month, there is a chance to experience the contents of the update in the public update preview, and free play will be held at Steam until 2:00 am on August 30, Japan time.

Age of Empires IV is being distributed to PC (Steam/Microsoft Store). Anniversary update will be held on October 25 local time.

Digital Showcase 2022: These leakages for the Xbox and Bethesda Display are phony

Eventually prior to the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, information concerning the material that is alleged is shown.
This likewise includes graphics and also checklists that guarantee many great video games as well as statements.
Leaks for new ready the Xbox Game Pass are distributing on the internet.

The 2 leaks listed here, which Idlesloth revealed, look excellent, yet are unfortunately wrong.
As well as primarily they can additionally be subjected fairly rapidly.

The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase runs tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m.
Bethesda Games will certainly after that offer you with the current trailers, statements and also news regarding the Xbox and also video games that are guaranteed not to phony.
Phony also!

Xbox Series X Dashboard: There is nostalgic Xbox 360 Blade Background

Many players are not tired of demanding new backgrounds for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s dashboard. The Reddit user Prasad1287 has created some designs on its own that are reminiscent of good old times.

For many fans of the Microsoft box, the Xbox 360 era was the entry into the ecosystem of the WXBOX. At that time everything was different, other controllers, less hard disk storage, no Xbox Game Pass or cloud gaming.

However, this does not mean that everything was worse. For example, many players miss the dashboard and the designs from back then. There were even dynamic topics in which every avatar of your friend list was shown in their own environment.

Even before the introduction of these themes, the dashboard of the Xbox 360 was shown in a kind of tab view as you know them from Windows. Prasad1287 has revived these so-called “Blades” and made it available as a.JPGS in a public Google Drive-simply for everyone who longs for earlier times.

Here’s an example:

The Blades were created in the following motifs:

How To Set Up Original Xbox Dashboard on Xbox Series X/S
* red
* Blue
* Dark Mode
* Green Circles
* Green wave
* Green
* gray
* orange
* purple

To use the background, you can use the EDGE browser on the Xbox and then select a picture and set up as a background for your Xbox. But you can also save all the pictures on a USB stick and set it to your Xbox. You can read how this works on the official page of Xbox Support.

Do not cry – the entire ancestral vessel is spectacular on the horizon

With International Discussion Day as a hacker just around the corner, the developers of Rare Ltd. Celebrate with another series of Twitch Drops for _Mer thieves – this time with cosmetics inspired by – both available on Xbox Game Pass.

For those who may not be familiar with what exactly drops twitch are: they offer players the opportunity to win exclusive and limited editing articles for various video games simply by looking at their streamers and creators Preferred content on Twitch. Every day during the event, players will have to look at one of the partners _Mer thieves for 30 minutes to qualify for the featured element. The daily Twitch Drops will be available for 24 hours (change at 10 am bst) and partners will streamline according to their own schedules. _ **** _ Partners include: Captain Falcore, Hitbotc, Phuzzybond and BBXH to name a few.

**** Deposit schedule:

  • Saturday 19 September 2020 (Ancestral Flag & Ancestral Case)
  • Sunday 20 September 2020 (Ancestral Sails & Ancestral FigureHead)
  • Monday 21 September 2020 (Ancestral Wheel)

Monster Mash-- Horizon: Zero Dawn vs. Days Gone
* Tuesday, September 22, 2020 (Capstan Ancestral)

  • Wednesday 23 September 2020 (Ancestral Canners)

Interested players to win Twitch Drops will also have to have a Twitch account and make sure it is linked to their _Mer of thieves profile: https://www.seofthieves.com/twitch-drops#faq-what-are- twitch-drops

After viewing a qualification stream for 30 minutes, a notification will appear on Twitch to confirm that the object has been assigned; Articles will usually be available immediately, but can take up to 72 hours in some cases. If the item (s) are not curved, players are encouraged to contact _Mer support thieves and submit a support ticket.

The set of ancestral vessels was originally available for a limited time (May 2020) for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers via the Perks program.

Escape Academy: Escape-Room

IAM8Bit and Skybound Games have teamed up with the creative heads of Coin Crew Games to publish Escape Academy.

Escape Academy is one of the first video games that captures the authentic escape room experience and invites players to enter the footsteps of extraordinary eskapists.

To do this, you must be your way through a variety of team-based exploration and time-pressure challenges trains that have been specially developed to bring the mystery to the intrigues and fun of escape rooms to the players home.

The announcement trailer is available here:

Coin Crew Games was co-founded by Wyatt Bushnell and Mike Mohammed Salyh and has many years of experience in developing real experiences that combine the active gameplay with a strong focus on group interaction.

Bushnell has developed attractions for amusement parks and gambling halls, including the technology-focused Two Bit Circus with huge escape rooms in Los Angeles and Salyh designed Games for Disney, Zynga and Two Bit Circus. Wyatt and Mike became business partners after being commissioned to develop together an IRL escape space experience.

“Our goal has always been to bring people together to play, be it in playshots or at home,” says Mike Mohammed Salyh, co-founder of Coin Crew Games. “As a studio, we are Rigoros when it comes to testing our designs early and often – a philosophy we have taken over from our years of developing games for the local entertainment area.”

“We were thrilled to pass on these development ideals to IAM8Bit and Skybound, which have helped us crucial to navigate through the digital side of game development,” says Wyatt Bushnell, co-founder of Coin Crew Games. “We have already heard many horror stories about publishing relationships, but these felt more like a romantic comedy.”

IAM8BIT takes game publishing in its repertoire and Escape Academy is the first original title published as part of IAM8Bit Presents.

“Iam8bit and Coin Crew share the same ideals when it comes to providing players really special, unique experiences,” said Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White, co-owner of Iam8bit. “Escape Academy really catches the thrill of tuning with friends and experiencing the real adrenaline impetus to beat the time – and we say that because of our own experience in designing Irl-Escape Rooms for Resident Evil and Alita: Battle Angel. There are so many different levels in the narrative and nuanced elements that make the puzzles to captivate challenges. “

“Skybound Games focuses on providing developers who create unique interactive experiences, offering a platform and we immediately knew that Coin Crew has created something special,” says Ian Howe, co-CEO of Skybound Games. “Wyatt, Mike and the Coin Crew team have created a group gaming experience that challenges team dynamics as well as challenging and picking up the most out of friends and family to handle pressure to unlock each room.”

Escape Academy Announce Trailer

In a secret world, the players are drawn into the secrets of the Escape Academy, an educational institution for people with rogue skills suitable for the “art of escape”.

These new recruits must be their way through fatal challenges, which are made by crazy and charismatic professors, to secure their place under the legendary “escapists”. Full of shocking turns and turns the players navigate through spaces where a lot is on the game and finally cover a threat that they could never have imagined.

Escape Academy will be available from publication in the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Playstation 4 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

For Phil Spencer the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem is totally viable

XBOX SERIES X|S - RECORD BREAKING Halo NUMBERS & GAME PASS Sustainability (Phil Spencer Confirms)
Xbox Game Pass is a registration service established by Microsoft for usage with Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X|S computer game consoles, and with desktop computers with Windows 10. Explained as the Netflix of video games, the Xbox Game Pass It enables customers to access a brochure of games of different content for a solitary month-to-month registration rate. The solution was introduced on June 1, 2017, while the Xbox Live Gold clients got concern access on May 24.

I know that many people like to write that we burn money to fall on a golden chest at the end of the way. But no. The Game Pass is very, very viable on time it is. And he continues to grow. Asked by Journalist Stephen Tomato (Axis) to return over the 20th anniversary of the first Xbox, the Boss Phil Spencer obviously bound to twist the neck at a shortcut that often takes place in observers. According to him, despite the profusion of games available on the service and integration of titles FIRST Party from their launch, the calculations would be good.

No new official data other than the figure of the 18 million subscribers communicated last January. No reference to Microsoft s recent financial document, which revealed that the number of subscribers at Xbox Game Pass had not grown as quickly as the group hoped during its last fiscal year — despite growth Estimated 37% over the entire exercise that already looks great. And yet, for the head of the Xbox segment, the Game Pass is very commercially and from a point of view of creativity and commitment. Despite the fixed high-level growth objectives, so it continues to be, always according to Spencer, a real differential for (the) platform and a facilitator for creators like the players.

Asked about the profitability of an ecosystem that directly integrates the biggest exclusives First Party without even cashing, Phil Spencer invites us to make the ca cults: sans know the number of subscribers or how much they pay every month, you can Make decisions that are lucid and calculating what the game Pass can be — and it applies to any business segment. But absolutely, the Game Pass is viable, recognizes Spencer, who insists on perennial From the service, even if it is not Tu only center of interest of the organization.

At the rate of 9.99 per month for the basic offer, and €12.99 for the Ultimate version integrating PC, consoles, Cloud and online game via Xbox Live, the annual subscription covers the cost of two games full price In the year — at least without applying the reductions that are courses for new subscribers. Not to mention the door to micro-transactions and online services it opens, on which the manufacturer necessarily takes a share. A strong and perennial manna that supports the service development strategy, according to Spencer, even though the exclusives would no longer go through a direct purchase.

J Odor see the service grow, because I see what it brings to the diversity of the games to which people play and the projects we can finance to see them succeeded, enthuses the manager of the brand. Which again considers extending the community again beyond the circle of the consoles and the PC. The future, more and more people will join the Xbox community on mobile more than any other device, just in view of the number of smartphones in the world.

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The Among US phenomenon finally lands on Xbox and PlayStation

It is obviously the most of the phenomenon Among US, a true carton of 2020 – two years after its exit – but the hunt for the imposter could leave more beautiful with the exit of the game on other consoles than the switch. And for good reason, since the end of temporary exclusivity means that the title signed innersloth will visit the 14th of December on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

All these new versions will include the content already available and the one that updates have regularly added, not to mention the multi cross platform . Playstation versions will also include Ratchet & Clank as exclusive playable characters, while Xbox versions will also be available via the ABO Xbox Game Pass. Physical editions will not escape for compulsive buyers, a CrewMate version which will be launched on December 14 in Europe and January 11, the Atlantic. The editions impost and ejected are they programmed for the spring 2022 on the different territories.

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