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Xbox Series X Dashboard: There is nostalgic Xbox 360 Blade Background

Many players are not tired of demanding new backgrounds for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s dashboard. The Reddit user Prasad1287 has created some designs on its own that are reminiscent of good old times.

For many fans of the Microsoft box, the Xbox 360 era was the entry into the ecosystem of the WXBOX. At that time everything was different, other controllers, less hard disk storage, no Xbox Game Pass or cloud gaming.

However, this does not mean that everything was worse. For example, many players miss the dashboard and the designs from back then. There were even dynamic topics in which every avatar of your friend list was shown in their own environment.

Even before the introduction of these themes, the dashboard of the Xbox 360 was shown in a kind of tab view as you know them from Windows. Prasad1287 has revived these so-called “Blades” and made it available as a.JPGS in a public Google Drive-simply for everyone who longs for earlier times.

Here’s an example:

The Blades were created in the following motifs:

How To Set Up Original Xbox Dashboard on Xbox Series X/S
* red
* Blue
* Dark Mode
* Green Circles
* Green wave
* Green
* gray
* orange
* purple

To use the background, you can use the EDGE browser on the Xbox and then select a picture and set up as a background for your Xbox. But you can also save all the pictures on a USB stick and set it to your Xbox. You can read how this works on the official page of Xbox Support.

A Plague Tale Requiem will be entitled to a demo! When and how to access it?

The Bordeaux studio Asobo has been widely rewarded for his work on Microsoft Flight Simulator, but before that, there was a support given to the development of Recore, the Crew 2, and the creation of the highly appreciated Tale: innocence. And the rest arrives…


Pre -order A Plague Tale: Requiem on PS5/Xbox Series X at Amazon

A PLAGUE TALE: Innocence, it is the story of Amicia and Hugo, brothers and sister, forced to flee their house in the middle of a hundred and aest war. An inquisition tracks Hugo, sick, and which seems to develop strange power linked to occult alchemical practices. To escape the Inquisition, the duo will have to cross Guyenne by avoiding rats hordes, ready to devour everything.

A demo announced as part of the Summer Game Fest

The title has been generally very well received, and will even be adapted in a television series . But it was not the end of the trip since sink quickly, clues made it possible to think that a suite was going to be started. It is officially announced at E3 2021 under the name of A Plague Tale: Requiem. It will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch thanks to the Cloud , knowing that it will normally be playable as soon as it is released on the GamePass. but while waiting to obtain an release date Farm, some players will have the opportunity to discover a 40 -minute demo **.

Meet at the Tribeca Festival!

Last night, Asobo Studio announced that the game had been selected to participate at the Tribeca Festival as part of the Summer Games Fest , in the company of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, American Arcadia , As Dusk Falls Immortality, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, The Cub, Thirsty Suitors and Venba . It was during this event that, last year, we were able to learn a little more about Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The demo, playable at the controller, will be presented during this event organized in New York, but can also be tried Remote on PC and with an Xbox controller by the players who will have obtained a ticket .

Conditions to be fulfilled to access the demo

The latter will be available from May 2, and it will then be necessary to wait until June 10 , the date of the opening conference of the event, which will then continue until 19. This long, fairly long demo, should allow you to have a good overview of what the title will have to offer, knowing that Tale Requiem Plague should offer a little more action than the first opus, the two characters having grown up and having won in experience. The visual aspect and the artisitic direction should also pass a CAP , then going further than the first game, already praised on this last point.

Pre -order A Plague Tale: Requiem on PS5/Xbox Series X at Amazon

This page contains affiliated links to certain products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will transfer a commission to us. Learn more.

__ PLAGUE TALE: Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem Release Date LEAKED



59.99 €

Xbox Series


59.99 €

All offers


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Unreal Engine 5-demo gives delicious taste for future PS5 and Xbox Series X

The Gears of War games have always belonged to the optically strongest titles on Xbox consoles and the PC and always picked up a lot of the underlying Unreal Engine. That’s why you should be noisy if the current Gears Studio The Coalition publishes a video of a Unreal Engine 5-demo.

Impressive game with light and shadow

And that’s exactly what the developer has done as part of the State of Unreal events yesterday. The video shows the so-called “The Cavern Cinematic Tech Test” and has ever given a taste of how in the future intermediate sequences could look like in with the Unreal Engine 5 games.

Xbox SHOCKS PS5 Fans With Incredible Xbox Series X Unreal Engine 5 Demo Features

Here is the video:

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Link to YouTube content

Pay particular attention to the voluminous fog, the details on the character and the realistic lighting of the entire scenery. This is something you have seldom seen with current technology and, especially in terms of detail a decent jump forward.

Already possible on an Xbox Series X

Even a hundredfold jump, if you give Kate Rayner, Technical Director of The Coalition, believe. Namely, the Xbox blog spoke about the demo and said there, among other things, the material to be seen can be rendered in real time on an Xbox Series X. The scenes are not a utopian cloud lock, but pretty sure something we can see in the future on an Xbox – and of course PlayStation or PC – will be seen.

However: The Cavern Demo is just about that – a demo. There are no excerpts from Gears 6, a new Coalition IP or otherwise finished game, but only material for demonstration purposes. Currently, the studio has two projects in work, but it will probably take a while to a announcement.

New Tomb Raider: As part of the State of Unreal, a new Tomb Raider game was announced. The most important information can be found here:

__51 __7

more on the subject

Tomb Raider: New part announced and the chance of a graphic highlight is big


Assessment of the editors

Tobias Veltin

Already the previous Unreal Engine 5 demos and videos I found impressive and that is no different with the Cavern demo. I’m simply there and off how cinematically that everything looks and how excellently the lighting is. Of course, it is “only” about an intermediate sequence, the fact that this can be rendered so apparently on an Xbox Series, but shows that we may have to wait too long for graphics of this quality. Now I just hope the Coalition will soon come with a tangible game info to a new title around the corner – and this graphic quality then demonstrates “on the living object”.

The Quarry will have a way that will convert it into a movie

Throughout this year, during the month of June, specifically, SupermXbox Seriessive Games will delight us again with one of its well-known horror cinematographic experiences with The Quarry . Its already popular formula will remain in this new title, which they want to make even more accessible, since they have implemented a game mode that will make it practically a film, with the minimum interaction.

This film mode, Xbox Series we say, will require a certain intervention by the player, although reduced to the essential. In it we will sit in the director’s chair to choose the fate of each of the characters , being able to keep them alive or choose that they end with the worst of destinations. In addition, at the beginning of the adventure we can choose with several parameters ** what kind of personality each one of them will have during the game, among which are how they respond under pressure, how they behave in a conversation or the care they are With its surroundings and its dangers.

A formula already popular and recognizable

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K
It hXbox Series been in an exclusive Hands on in IGN where they also catalog it Xbox Series a worthy spiritual successor of until dawn , probably the game that wXbox Series valued to increXbox Seriese exponentially the popularity of the study, which until then had served Xbox Series a collaborator in small Sony First Party developments. However, they do not believe that it hXbox Series advanced a lot in terms of Gameplay, maintaining Xbox Series we said before the formula that hXbox Series placed them Xbox Series a study concerning this type of productions.

Xbox Series we highlight previously, The Quarry hXbox Series no final releXbox Seriese date, although it is expected to arrive during these next months, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. This time they have the backrest in the 2K Games publication.

Knight Squad gets a new generation suite

Chainsawesome Games has officially confirmed that Knight Squad 2 will come out later this year. The original Knight Squad has accumulated a basis of fans of 1.8 million players and Knight Squad 2 will offer an even more chaotic gameplay. Up to eight players can participate in more than 13 competitive modes with Knight Squad 2 and will offer a crossed game between Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. The Suite of Knight Squad will come out this holiday season on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC.

“The original Knight Squad has an incredible community and our team is pleased to announce that we come back with a sequel,” said Laurent Mercure, Communications Manager at Chainsawesome Games. “After past years playing with you, growing up as a creative and listening to your comments, we are looking forward to gathering everything when we launch Knight Squad 2 later.” We look forward to seeing what Chainsawesome Games is doing with Knight Squad after such a chaotic pleasure with the original. With 13 game modes in Knight Squad 2, there will be a lot of variety in the gameplay when leaving later this year.

Chainsawesome Games gave players an idea of ​​some game modes to expect in Knight Squad 2 such as Capture The Flag, Payload, Minion Master and Royal Battle. The game will include local multiplayer and online, including crossed game between Xbox platforms and PC. Knight Squad’s original weapons and bonuses are back along with new ones such as ghosts, landmines and laser pistols. Chainsawesome Games announced that Knight Squad 2 would take care of English, French, Italian, German and Spanish in language options.

BTS of Owen Joyner’s Monster Transformation ???? | Knight Squad | Nick

Will you play at Knight Squad 2 when leaving later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Games for March 2022

Several spectacular indielets appear in March. The Housemarque owned by Sony may not be the case anymore in the spirit of the article, but the domesticity was left.

_Pois from the comfort zone of the _Oon consolefin article series focusing on the games behind the AAA titles.

March 2022

FAR: Changing Tides (1.3)

Symphatic FAR: Lone SailSin The extension section offers the same adventure. Small puzzles, handsome scenery and atmospheric tourism in natural mercy. FAR: Changing Tides is part of the Game Passport range.

Satavava: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X

Top 10 NEW Games of March 2022
tunic (16.3.)

A long-awaited zeldic tunic will finally appear. Finjin published in the adventure game a bold fox goes to a large adventure towards an unknown. The world opens slowly with new talents and weapons – just like in its example.

Satava: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X


Shredders sunny mountain landscapes look really calling. A powder sticks thrust the wind when the camera is moving around the boarder. The game is trying to achieve a snowboarding filix with certain visual choices. ShredDers Added to a Game Passport in the publication.

Satava: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X


Domestic returnal expands with a free ascension update package. In the future, the Bantle can also be accessed with a friend. The extension also introduces a new single-player to the Tower of Sisyphus form, which aims to progress in the tower layer from the floor as the enemy levels are hampered.

Satation: PlayStation 5

The Memoir Blue (24.3.)

Annapurna’s name publisher is usually good. The Memoir Blue dives to the sea of ​​memories. The interactive poem combines both audiovisually and playing different genres. The work is added to the Game Passport range.

Satavava: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X

Suggest the games to the list in the commentary section. Sharing is caring.

Grand Theft Car V: For

Prestigan for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online is now available to all who have pre-ordered in the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store.

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Story Mode for Xbox Series X | S pre-order – 19.99 instead of 39.99 euros

* Grand Theft Auto V Online for Xbox Series X | S pre-order – 9.99 instead of 19.99 euros

The new versions of GTAV and GTA Online appear on March 15 and offer new graphics modes with a resolution of up to 4k, a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second, improved textures, HDR options and ray tracing as well as faster charging times, active 3D audio, platform-specific features and more.

In addition, you can transfer your game progress in story mode – both from PS4 and Xbox One – by uploading a score in the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Your GTA online character can be transferred from 15 March. All who want to continue their journey on a new console generation will receive a Karin S95 completely tuned by the experts from Hao’s Special Works, as well as a HSW race suit and a number of new chameleon paints that can be used for all vehicles.

The Career Builder

As mentioned earlier last week, GTA will be online on the latest console generation to Career Builder. This is said to give new players – or all who want to reset their character and restart a helpful little lead in the criminal world of southern San Andreas.

Thanks to the Career Builder, your GTA starts online with a company real estate, a vehicle and a weapon – and still have some scope for helpful improvements as well as a few GTA $ for the beginning.

Selects one of these popular criminal careers in GTA online: executive, weapon smuggling, nightclub owners or bikers.

Subsequently, your funds will receive a 4,000,000 GTA $ 4,000, which you can invest in the necessary goods. The choice of one of these four cars guarantees that a company property and a large selection of missions and gameplay opportunities are available to you, in which you can rush immediately. Of course you can expand over time and try to try new careers.

After the selection of your career you can use the newly preserved 4,000,000 GTA $ to select from a wide range of real estate, vehicles and weapons. You can either decide for the basics – a non-developed property as well as a simple weapon and a simple vehicle – or you decide you for a corporate headquarters with all improvements and adjustments, luxury vehicles and creaking to fill an entire weapon cabinet.

It depends entirely on how to spend your starting balance. But you can take a maximum of 1,000,000 GTA $ there in GTA online.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are available from 15 March digital in the PlayStation Store on PS5 and Microsoft Store. The physical versions appear in April. More information will follow shortly.

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Story Mode for Xbox Series X | S pre-order – 19.99 instead of 39.99 euros
  • Grand Theft Auto V Online for Xbox Series X | S pre-order – 9.99 instead of 19.99 euros

Note: Bought GTA $ can only be transferred when transferring to platforms of a family (PS4 on PS5, Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S). All regularly deserved GTA $ will be transferred independently of the platform.

What is actually with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora? Ubisoft borders release

We know it all: There is a stunning trailer really hot on a new game, but the most important thing is missing, say: the release date. Just so it was with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which was presented 2021 on the E3 and should appear for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S . Now there is finally new.

Sexism problems with Ubisoft:
Since July 2020, a toxic corporate culture has been accused of the French developer and publisher. Including far-reaching
Sexism problems, women’s antiquity and discrimination that should be deeply anchored in the company. Although the Ubisoft were already
Consequences drawn, for example, employees of the management level exchanged and opened to the allegations, in-house
However, these measures are perceived by many employees inside than not sufficient.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – First Look Trailer

Release period known

It’s about it: Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora made something in the E3 trailer. Points should react Ubisoft’s new game, especially with the construction of the world and how these and the NPCs respond to us. PS4 and Xbox One owners are not intended to enjoy the technically demanding title anymore.

Release period: As for the release period, there is something new now. How WindowsCentral.com reports to publish Ubisoft Avatar, Skull & Bones and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope between April 2022 and April 2023 .

The publication plan has announced the company as part of the third quarter’s earnings report for fiscal year 2021 to 2022. Even if a whole year is of course a large period of time, we can state that we can break at the latest in a good year to the boundaries of Pandora – at least when everything goes according to plan.

What awaits us in the avatar game?

Avatar becomes a first person title that sets maximum immersion. The world should be more credible through the possibilities that arise with the new consoles and, for example, their fast SSDs. Creative Director Magnus Jansén explained that thereby it was possible to fill the world bouncers with content and to make them more detailed.

Here you can convince you again in the trailer, how it will look like:

We can also look forward to raytracing in both global lighting and raytracing reflections. Because look but not everything is, Avatar wants to offer even more innovation. For example, the game should impress with how NPCs, enemies and other beings respond to us.

Are you looking forward to the title? And when do you think, we can expect within the release period?

PS5 and also Xbox series return in the US market, as well as Nintendo triumphs with Pokemon tales: Arceus

As well as it is that, passing briefly with the area of the equipment, it seems that the new generation of gaming consoles has actually managed to go back in the very first month of the year. This makes certain the well-known expert at The NPD Team, Floor Covering Piscatella , in his monthly Twitter string, where he explains that PS5 is the best-selling console in the month of January, Complied With by Xbox Series . Although it does not supply concrete numbers, this relocates a Nintendo Switch over that was put as one of the most popular console of 2021 in the country.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Tops Charts, New Xbox Open World Game, Atari Celebrates NFT and Loot Boxes
However that does not suggest that the wonderful N has had a negative month, given that its last shipment of Pokémon imitates the success already seen in various other areas of the world. Covering the initially place , the pocket beasts go beyond Telephone call of Task: Vanguard, which had been validated as the very successful game last year in the U.S.A.. Beyond this, the American public continues to show their love towards Madden NFL 22, which gets fourth placement .

We have already claimed a thousand times that 2022 has actually started very powerful, yet it is that the year remains to give us surprises that can reverse any videogame market. We have actually already seen that Legends Pokémon: Arceus continues with a genuinely effective streak in the United Kingdom and Japan. Even though the restorative in US is not very various, the January sales ** additionally leave us some news to think about.

Adhering to with the most well-known video games, the month of January had a sales surge for Beast Hunter: Rise as well as God of War, both titles premiered on PC throughout last month. This method has actually captured the rate of interest of the players, due to the fact that both distributions have actually gone into the Country Leading 5 after spending several weeks away from the first positions: in December, Beast Hunter: Rise was the number 94 * * From the checklist, while God of War had actually settled ready 146 **. Below are the top 20 of one of the most prominent games of the moment in the USA.

Martha Is Dead will be censored in his version of PlayStation, not Xbox

Finally this month of February arrives, after a delay that caused its launch in this 2022, Martha is Dead , one of the most striking horror games of these 12 months. However, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will have to enjoy a different version of those of Xbox and PC, since will suffer from a certain censorship in both Sony consoles .

Martha is Dead PlayStation Censorship vs Xbox & PC

Only in consoles PlayStation

According to the studio in charge, LKA, Martha is Dead is “a narrative adventure only for adult public, with potentially unfortunate scenes and uncomfortable issues for some players.” Therefore, these scenes will be eliminated from versions for PS4 and PS5, with what from LKA they say more time to work on it, which will not entail, however, a new delay at leDeadt in digital format, yes delaying its version physical.

The physical launch will be delayed until an indeterminate date , although we anticipate it will be a few weeks,” they say. “This version will continue to include a double-sided poster, the digital tarot cards and the soundtrack. We will update your status with the releDeade date Dead soon Dead we have the information”.

Dead we said before, both in its version for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S Dead for PC, Martha is Dead will have no censorship, showing these fully entire scenes.

Thus, Martha is Dead will arrive this next February 24 to the aforementioned platforms. It is a terror thriller set in Italy during World War II, and like Saga Project Zero, a photo camera will play an essential role in adventure.

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